How To Transition From Loungewear To Daywear

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After an extended time period of wearing tracksuits and pajamas indoors, it can be difficult to know where to start considering what to wear in public. These outfit ideas will inspire you to shake off the loungewear or at least revamp it. Whether you are buying a whole new wardrobe, a few statement pieces to reinvigorate your look, or rethinking the clothes you already have, here is some fashion for thought.

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Still cozy but more presentable, a knitted co-ord is a go-to for an easy transition from loungewear. Try a ribbed-knit crop jumper and midi skirt for a soft, sensual look. Or a fitted floor-length knit dress for added drama.


Switch joggers for flares, which are flattering and on-trend. Another reason to ditch the tracksuit is the absence of air conditioning outside. Many people can comfortably chill in full tracksuits at home with the AC, which, by the way, can be fixed with 24 hour air conditioning repair. But when you are out and about, breathable clothes are a must. 

Loose-fitting jeans

Thanks to the resurgence of 90’s beauty trends, casual and cool low-rise boyfriend jeans are making a comeback this season. That means you don’t have to switch your comfy tracksuit for tight skinny jeans! For an even more relaxed look, try distressed or ripped jeans. 

Oversized coats

An oversized coat is your answer for the rainy days when you can’t bear to leave your duvet. Long puffer coats are the antidote for a smooth transition into ordinary life, as they look high-fashion, but you still feel snug wearing them. Another style to try for spring is the trench coat in a beige or chocolate color, totally chic and in style.

Teddy-bear coats

Even softer than most tracksuit materials, the teddy bear coat will certainly keep you warm. This outfit is less practical for sunnier climates, but if you are one to feel chilly, it does look cute.


A step up from loungewear, activewear can double up as your gym gear and brunch outfit. Almost every retailer sells their version of activewear, so you are spoilt for choice. The great thing about activewear is you can mix and match so many outfits and colors.

Layer up

Maybe you don’t have to ditch the tracksuit after all! Layering an oversized denim jacket over a sweater, for example, will give the illusion you are slightly more dressed up. 

Blazer and jeans

For those returning to the office where a smarter attire is required, you could swap the suit pants for jeans if your boss is cool with it. A blazer paired with jeans is a chic, smart-casual look.

Tie-dye hoodies
Tie-dye made a huge comeback in 2020 as a DIY idea to revamp your clothes. If you are determined to stay in loungewear when heading out, we don’t blame you. Tie-dying your clothes will add a funky, vibrant effect.

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