Book Review: The Trial by franz Kafka

Hello, everyone. It is 2021 and we all survived 2020!

So during 2020 I was reading The Trial. There is no further reason for giving why but I have always been a fan of Franz Kafka since I was a kid and hey, look at me I’m perfectly okay-ish. 

In case if you’re going to ask me why as a kid I was reading one of Franz Kafka all I have to say good question. I stole the book from someone that I know and BAM I’m in my mid-20’s and talks about the absurdism and the existential stuff…

Anyway, I will give a mini resume and of course my personal opinion about this classic novel.

In case you don’t know Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Was a German bohemian novelist. He came from a jewish family but he considered himself atheist. He unfortunately passed away from tuberculosis and told his friend Max Brod to burn all his story but Max decided to go against his wishes and publish all his story and it was considered one of the best 20th century literature.  One of his most memorable novels is The Metamorphosis. 

The Trial is about this protagonist named Josef K who had been accused and prosecuted by a crime that he does not know what crime he commited. He had to defend himself against the unknown crime. He of course was very confused by his arrest after waking up on his thirtieth birthday by two unknown agents. Over time he tries to seek legal help but to no vain his accusation gets any better and everything would end up leading to him into one of the worst deaths and like one of the last chapters of The Trial he dies like a dog.   

The novel of course is very surrealism with the philosophy of existentialism and unfortunately, the novel isn’t far from the truth when it comes to the justice system. Something that hasn’t changed over a century. As someone who enjoys Kafka novels this book can be complex if you don’t pay much attention to the details. It’s something that you need to read carefully to comprehend and try to understand Kafka’s message.

I could go bit on but if you want to read The Trial I would say try to understand Kafka’s background adding that there was WWI and so on…But in the end it’s a very tight gripping especially when he goes to the church. We may never know what he was accused of but it’s something we may see everyday.

                                                      Are you a Kafkian? 

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7 thoughts on “Book Review: The Trial by franz Kafka

  1. I haven’t read The Trial, but I enjoyed your review, especially the context it provided. I have read and often think about The Metamorphosis so I’ll probably give The Trial a read. Thanks for sharing!


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