Thank you!

Hello, everyone,

HAPPY NEW YEARS! I just want to say thank you for supporting me all these years.

I do admit I’m not the greatest writing a thank you. I rather say this in person but obviously we are miles away but thankfully, we got the internet. 

Again, thank you for supporting me. It’s one of the few things on why I stay motivated on creating new content as much as possible. 

During this year we all got hit hard with this pandemic but with this beautiful blogging community that I’ve seen growing during the years. I learned many things from lifestyle, culture, tradition, belief, and so on… Broke But Flawless came as a joke with someone that I knew several years ago writing about my life with university and not caring about spending money but over time as I started growing old or at least maturing. I’ve learned that saving money is important and I don’t have to buy makeup every month or so to review them. Anyway, I started exploring different topics and I knew I could not stay writing one thing and I get bored easily. 

So I read many blog posts from different amazing bloggers and take some few ideas or simply write some of the experience from my personal life. I’m thankful that many of you stick together and keep the community open and safe for everyone who wants to share many things to everyone.

Friends come and go and that is part of life regardless if we like it or not. All I can say that I know that Broke But Flawless will evolve into something more from what I’m just writing. 

I do plan on keeping writing and once I graduate from Fine Arts then I may change the name of my blog into something but at this moment I’m still experimenting on what is going to be Broke But Flawless in the future. I will still write and this is not a goodbye post. I don’t believe in saying goodbye if not more “see you next time” but at this moment I have some content for 2021. 

I’m excited to share some projects that I’ve been keeping a bit as a secret.

What new content is going to bring for 2021?

-Art post! I will be sharing my artwork and talking about my art. If you want to see some of my artwork 

-My journey of roller skating 

– My weightloss journey

– More sustainability 

– And so much more!

Let’s celebrate the roaring 20’s and keeping each other safe.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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