Blogmas tag 2020

Hi, everyone, I hope many of you are having an amazing holiday!

I took myself a challenge on writing as much as possible a post about Christmas so I will be doing my best on that. Anyway, in today’s post it will be a Blogmas tag. It just like Hallotober tag but on this one it was made by the lovely blogger 

You can also check her Blogmas tag 2020

For further ado, I will now respond the Q&A

Snowy Christmas or a Warm Christmas?

I never experience snow due to living on a tropical island so I will always have a warm-ish Christmas but I do enjoy the cold.

Favorite flavored hot chocolate?

I love hot dark chocolate and I do like hot chocolate with a hint of mint flavor.

What is one Christmas tradition you love?

Definitely the food! I love traditional food from my country during Christmas holiday like eating pernil (pork), arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas???? Idk that just according to Google translate), tembleques (It like a pudding but made with coconut), arroz con dulce (coconut rice pudding), pasteles with pork and olive (it look like tamales but it’s not tamales and if I translate pasteles it just say pie), my love and hate relationship with coquito without the alcohol (basically it means little coconut pretty popular during the holidays) and that all I can think about at this moment.

Do you do Elf on a Shelf, and if so, what’s your favorite prank?

Never been popular in my country until recently.

What are you most excited for this December?

Honestly, I haven’t thought much about it due to plenty of restriction of the lockdown but I think I will say I’m finally on my holiday breaks and I want to see an exhibition from a professor of mine is having right now plus hopefully seeing a friend of mine.

What is your favorite Christmas Movie?

I don’t really have one. I’m personally not a big fan of Christmas movies. I find it a bit too cliche for my liking but I don’t mind watching some of them. 

Cookies or Mince pie?

I had to google what is a mince pie so I never heard of them before and never tried them before but I will go with cookies. I do like gingerbread cookies tho.

What is your warmest wintertime memory?

When I was a kid I would have to visit all my family houses and get a lot of presents especially when I was getting a lot of Barbies and Bratz dolls.

What is something you must have in the winter time?

If you mean like a jacket? That is totally useless in Puerto Rico. 

Very likely swimsuits going to the beach when the sun is not super brightly and it’s just a cold sun. I don’t know how to explain but for better lack of word less chances of getting a terrible sunburn.

What is something you’d love to do in the snow?

I never experienced snow before but does sand count? If so I did try when I was a kid a sand angel instead of a snow angel and a sand ball instead a snowball. Haven’t tried doing a snowman but maybe I will try making a sandman? 

I believe that it’s interesting how each of us celebrate Christmas around the world. It’s those times of the year that we all get together to celebrate the special holiday regardless of our culture and our belief. 

In the end we enjoy spending time with our loved ones.

Happy holiday, everyone!

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

6 thoughts on “Blogmas tag 2020

  1. I love this tag! I grew in Texas where it snowed once every 20 years, but after moving to Denmark I prefer having a snowy Christmas!
    Elf on a Shelf isn’t popular in Denmark either because instead there are nisse (they’re like elves) & they’re the ones that bring a present to kids every morning.
    It was interesting learning about how you celebrate Christmas in Puerto Rico!


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