How to have a sustainable christmas

Hello, everyone, it’s finally December and I finally finish my semester! 

Before I start mentioning how my semester went in. I will be talking about how to have a Christmas sustainability. Why sustainability? Because it’s simply important to be conscious of what we are doing when it comes to carbon footprint and leaving things like gift wrapping paper on the landfill. Which by the way doesn’t decompose and it can not be recycled. 

Adding a small side note I got the inspiration of this topic from Love, Em Christmas & Blogmas Post ideas for every niche! 

So for further ado, I will be mentioning how to be sustainable during this Christmas year and all the upcoming future Christmas years!

Upcycle Christmas decoration

Yes, upcycling is cool. There are many wonderful ideas that you can upcycle. For example you have an old red nutcracker that the color is chipping or fading and you want some new Nutcracker. Instead of going to a retail store to buy another one you can simply buy an acrylic red paint, gesso or just a white paint, and gloss and with that you’re saving money and you are restoring your nutcracker and making it unique.

We all know Pinterest has some amazing ideas on making DIY projects so I would suggest you to go to Pinterest and find some ideas there.

DIY gift

Making a gift by yourself is better than buying one. Putting your heart and efforts means a lot. I know that we all plan to buy gifts but some of us due to this pandemic are money tight. That is okay, no need to feel ashamed about it. Making paint work, a Christmas card, knitting something, anything is one of the best gifts you can give to someone when it’s handmade.

This year since I decided to make some nice gifts for my loved ones and I will be making small artwork painted in oil paint knowing that they like my artwork.

If you want to see some of my artwork and I do sell some of them.

Buy local and support small businesses!

Support small business in any way you can! We all know the one who got most affected is the small business. Visit their store, buy something unique or ask them if they have a gift card.

Etsy is fine too even though Etsy stores take a percentage from the seller so check the seller if they have their own website so can directly support them. 

Go thrifting

I love thrifting and I enjoy finding unique pieces. By thrifting you are helping in reducing clothes and items going into the landfill and reducing the carbon footprint. You can check your local thrift store, Ebay, Poshmark, or even Depop (hey, I have a Depop account check my thrifty store as @gilty1995). 

Use brown paper or reuse gift bags

Instead buy those plastic gift wrap paper that will land into the landfill as I mentioned before. You can use brown paper. It is very simple to buy those giant brown paper rolls and voíla or use old newspapers. Even though it creates a carbon footprint (you know cutting trees) but it can be decomposed. 

Ever went to a Lush store and they offer you if you want to gift wrap with a cloth? I learned that in Japan they use a cloth (furoshiki) when it comes wrapping gift and they re-use it the next Christmas and other holidays. We should take an example for them and learn to do the furoshiki.

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6 thoughts on “How to have a sustainable christmas

  1. Writing this is so thoughtful of you Michelle. Good one!

    Growing up, I remember we used to recycle some of our Christmas lights and decorations, unknown to me we were also saving the enviroment and that’s so good to know.

    Also, one time I designed a gift card and the recipient was so happy to receive. I bet all of your recommendations are right and would help make our earth a healthier and greener abode.

    Cheers on the yuletide season! 🥂


    1. I used to make gift cards too as a kid (now it pretty much sculpture or a small painting) but I always say homemade gifts are the best gift ever!
      Thank you so much for enjoying my article!
      Cheers to you and to your loved one and stay safe!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed it’s.
      Last year I believe I learned that in some of the countries especially in Japan they use fabric.
      So I will be doing the wrapping around the three wise kings day.
      Thank you for enjoying my post and thank you for the following!

      Liked by 1 person

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