Lush: Soak and Float [REVIEW]

Hi, everyone, I hope many of you are doing well.

Anyway, lately, I’ve been trying to be a little bit more eco-friendly and buy stuff that is not in plastic. It’s pretty hard at least from where I live that most of the stuff is not plastic-free. So, I decided to go for the essential hygiene stuff. One of the things I changed is my toothbrush. I now use a bamboo toothbrush that works like any plastic toothbrush but I will write that in my next future post.

Thankfully, I have one Lush store (yes, just one Lush store), and It’s about an hour and a half drive away so I obviously do just one trip when I need to go shopping unless I’m nearby.

I don’t really know why I never wrote a review of them but here I’m writing an actual review about their bar shampoo.

To give you a small idea about my type of hair is thin and oily if I don’t wash my hair one day it will look like I never wash it. I always used Head & Shoulder due to dandruff but thankfully, one of the employees of Lush helped me on choosing a plastic-free shampoo.

What I love about the Soak and Float aside it’s plastic-free? The smell. It smells like cedarwood. It’s not a very strong smell but it gives a nice smell plus on the shampoo bar, it has dry flowers which I personally find pretty cool so I don’t mind having it on my hair. It gives me the dream of a cottagecore lifestyle.

Their main ingredient is Cedarwood Absolute, Rose Oil, Tonka Absolute, Cade Oil, and Marigold petals while the other ingredients Geraniol (which from my understanding is an essential oil), Limonene (which is another essential oil but do contain some sort of acid to help to get rid of the access of hair oil), Linalool (another essential oil that is part of the peppermint, cinnamon, lemon, and another strong essential family), Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone (which is a colorless fragrance), last but not least Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (synthetics) which is pretty debatable if it safe or not. I personally do think it’s safe.

I do admit changing plastic shampoo bottle to a bar shampoo is quite interesting I got myself used to it pretty fast and I didn’t really saw much difference aside from it did not leave my hair super dry like Hair and Shoulder did so I’m glad I went for the Soak and Float.

It’s been about a month since I started using Soak and Float and I still have so much left. I think it may last more than three months and that is I wash my hair every single day. I do get this weird jelly on my bar shampoo but it doesn’t bother me so it’s no biggie.

Do I recommend this product? I have to say a big yes but only for those who deal with a lot of oil in their hairs and perhaps for those who also have thin hairs but their hair doesn’t get greasy. Spending $15 on a shampoo bar may sound expensive but in reality, it doesn’t if you compare how many times you buy plastic shampoo bottles that it doesn’t get recycled and they all end up in a waste landfill due to their colors, the sticker of the brands and so on…In the end, spending $15 on plastic-free Shampoo and Conditioner knowing it will last you for months plus less plastic ending up in the landfills.

To keep the shampoo bar “safe” it’s pretty simple and no brainer just buy some metal containers and voila! The point is to re-use the container and tries to buy less plastic. The container doesn’t have to be from the Lush store (I decided to just buy it all there so I don’t have to drive much) it can be from the Dollar Store or some container you have somewhere around your house. In the end, we have one planet and we need to take care of our planet Earth.

Switching plastic-free products are amazing and once I ran out of my Soak and Float I wanted to try the Dirty shampoo bar. Hopefully, it will work on my hair too.

I will be writing more reviews about Lush products that I enjoyed and of course writing on why it is important to make important decisions when it comes to buying and making fewer carbon footprints. I’m well aware that going 100% plastic-free or waste-free is not easy from an economical standpoint and the environment where we live in. As I mentioned before where I live it’s impossible to be 100% garbage-free from going grocery shopping to buying essential hygiene even though I’m glad that we are more conscious than before but we are far from it. In the end don’t feel guilty that you can’t become those people that we see on the internet buying everything in bulk, growing tomatoes in their apartments, and just living plastic-free which it’s ideal but again we all have a different situation but doing a small change from changing your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo brush it does give a huge impact, same goes changing for a shampoo bar. Those “small” things do give a bigger impact and where your money goes the companies will know what the consumers want and what are their preferences.

If you can support a small company that sells shampoo bars or anything that is plastic-free it would be great especially during this time where many independent small companies are having a hard time. I know that I just wrote a review about a Lush product which I personally do like. The company and their employees are super amazing and I enjoy spending time inside their stores plus their policy of bringing five empty containers is something that makes me go back to their store and buy their products again.

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