5 simple tips to succeed a job interview

Hello, everyone, today I will be talking about how to get that job that you want regardless if your first time working or not. I will be giving some simple tips some of it you may know it already, maybe some refreshing, or simply learning. When it comes to asking if there is a position at some job whether is a retail store, an office, a restaurant, or any place you want to apply. Try to look at your best do not look desperate. Remember first impression always count. Now I will divide on tips on how to get that job.

1) Always look well

My grandmother would kill me if she noticed if I had chip nails because I was “too lazy” to change it or leave it natural. Always dress well, keep your hair brushed, your nails clean, use a good perfume, and so on…Maintainance is super important it tells one part of yourself who you are. So, try to avoid graphic tees, shirts that have a hole in it, have those yellow stain on the armpits, look worm out, and/or it smell funky. The same goes for shoes and another part of the clothes. I don’t mean to go shopping (unless you have to) but try to dress well keep. Use neutral colors and if you use makeup go for more natural looks. 

2) Posture, posture, posture!!!

Seriously, having a good posture can give a good impression not just in a job interview but on everything so try not slug-ish yourself because if you bend yourself a bit it will give them a signal that you are a shy person and that is not a good impression. A good posture means that you are a confident person. Also, don’t cross your arms it means that you have a wall.

3) Eyes contacts

When the person is interviewing look straight into their eyes. It okay to feel nervous in a job interview but when a person is interviewing you they will read your body language and one of the things they will hire someone is someone who is confident.

4) Wait till you speak

I don’t have to say much here but DO NOT INTERRUPT THE PERSON that is a no-no. It’s very unprofessional. Wait till it’s your turn to speak and speak calmly and collected. Practice in front of a mirror asks someone to help you out so you can master it.

5) Print your CV

Yes, sending your CV by email is great and once they call you telling you to go to their location has filed with your CV so they will remember you. If you are an artist and you are going to work in a place that is a museum, workshop, or any part of the art fields print your artworks so it can give a bonus point.

A thing I do in my Art CV Portfolio is that I put the best works (keeping it safe for work) with the title, date, medium, size, and the year that it was made. 

4)Do not say cleaning is my hobby

Seriously, don’t say it. We know you don’t like cleaning for fun. We can tell that you’re lying. Just be honest just say “well I like to play x y z sport….”, “I enjoy binge-watching Netflix shows”, just anything that is appropriate and keeps it short and simple.  

That is all I can think about at this moment remember don’t talk about your previous job whether was a good experience or a bad experience, keep your personal life out of your work, and for the love of whatever exists in the universe don’t trash talk about your work, costumer, boss, and employees in your social media because, in the end, everything stays on the internet.

Another small piece of advice…Please, don’t gossip. 

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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