October playlist

 Hello, everyone, about a few months ago I wrote My quarantine playlistand well I decided what I’ve been listening to during this month of October and as I mentioned in my previous post I love listening to rock music so I guess you can say I live in some sort of bohemia rock n roll lifestyle anyway, I will be trying to mix up a few genres while keeping a Halloween theme related-ish.

So here are some of my October playlist!

1) Science by The Birthday Massacre

Album: Walking With Stranger

It would be odd if I didn’t include The Birthday Massacre on to one of my playlist of the month. The Birthday Massacre is a rock band from Canada and if you like music like The Cure and The Depeche Mode then you will enjoy their music. I feel like they’re super under-appreciated I don’t know if it because of the name of the band and someone may think it had to do with death metals (which personally it’s not my cup of tea) or simply the band has a female lead singer, either way, I still love The Birthday Massacre always giving a very 80’s underground vibe music scene.

2) Your Sweet Six Six Six by HIM

Album: Greatest Love song Vol. 666

Ah, yes, I remember that I went to their concert around in 2014 and that was the best night ever. A 16-17 year old fangirling over Ville Valo and still in love with Ville Valo to this day. It was hard to choose one song from them because well all their song are super romantic adding with the gothic vibe and ugh Ville voice sounds like some victorian vampire. While I can’t stop listening to Sweet Six Six Six (at this moment) and wished I played that song in my quincañera just to look like a cool edgy kid with my emo bang hair. (also I feel like adding another song from HIM and that would be Buried Alive by Love because why not?).

3) To Ardent feat. Nancy Sinatra by Circus

Album: Black Devil Disco Club

I don’t really know much about the artist Circus but who doesn’t love Nancy Sinatra? It just a nice chill song I usually play it when I’m driving so it’s that music that just goes for a nice short ride.

4) 911 by Lady Gaga

Album: Chromatica

We all got blessed by Lady Gaga new album and I had to chose 911 aside that it’s very catchy and pretty much I can relate to her lyrics from stuff that happen to me. Anyway, it no surprise that Lady Gaga always releases amazing music but I see myself playing 911 all year long till it gets burnt. 

5) Church by Aly & Aj


I had to add again Aly & Aj is probably one of the top artists that I listen to the most. I personally adore them since I was a kid seeing them on Disney Channel. With their dreamy indie-pop vibe it quite refreshing separating them from many artists and making them unique with their music.

6) Maya the Psychic by Gerard Way

Album: Hesitant Alien

Those who may not know Gerard Way. He is the lead singer from My Chemical Romance and wrote the comic book The Umbrella Academy. From his album, Hesitant Alien is very different from his band MCR but still amazing nonetheless. I’m not quite sure if I said it’s a bit of psychedelic rock balancing alternative rock but it gives a David Bowie vibe so yes you can dance all the way with Maya the Psychic.  

7) KILL4ME by Marilyn Manson

Album: Heaven Upside Down

Without adding Marilyn Manson during the month of October is like failing the “Spooky King“. I think it’s one of the refreshing music from him if not half of his previous album. I really enjoy listening to KILL4ME makes me dance around my house while singing around.

8) Bad Girl Feat. Marilyn Manson by Avril Lavinge 

Album: Avril lavinge

Mary Shelley would totally jam this song! It basically full BDSM related stuff and who knew that those two would end up collaborating making one memorable song mixing nu-metal with pop? I do hope that some future they end up collaborating again because…That was hot. 

9) This Is How I Disappear by My Chemical Romance

Album: The Black Parade

Who is I who did not add My Chemical Romance onto this playlist? My 12-year-old me would be shaming me, seriously, I was super obsessed with My Chemical Romance that I end up having a shrine of them. I do admit it was tricky to just add one song from them from one album because well I just love them and I do see myself in some future when I’m like some 40 or 50-year-old aunt dressed up as if she was 15 again, going to see her favorite band and reminisce when she had this crush on Gerard Way back in early High School year.  

10) Helena by Misfits

Album: Famous Monster

Without playing Misfits…Then I’m not celebrating Halloween correctly in some horror punk style. I kinda wish I could go back to 2016 and go back to the Misfits concert again. I no need to explain most of their song is just horror punk and whenever I’m with my friends in my car we just sing along to all their music (and mumble!) so it pretty common to see me banging their music.  

11) Ulysses by Franz Ferdinand

Album: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand 

I don’t feel like explaining much about Franz Ferdinand aside I think they’re pretty much a cool rock band and all their song is a banger but I just shuffle my Spotify playlist so they could choose the first song of Franz Ferdinand to appear on my playlist. 

So that is all folks! I know most of the playlist I added is basically rock music but hey it October so I’m just going for what I think it kinda matches for the playlist of the month. Let see what will be my next month’s playlist. 

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