Quarantine makeup

Hello, everyone, okay, I know wearing makeup with a mask is kinda like an “eh” but even by wearing a mask I still wear makeup so I will be showing my favorite makeup that I’m using before and after the pandemic.

Lime Crime: Venus Palette II

It’s no news that I love Lime Crime especially their eyeshadows and I wrote a review on the first Venus Palette Lime Crime: Venus Palette & unicorn lipstick [review] as always their eyeshadows are super pigmented easy to blend and long-lasting. I’m hitting the pan on one of my favorite Venus Palette II colors which is mustard. Now my favorite color from this palette is again mustard, mud, and filter which filter reminds me of Cristina Ricci eyeshadow color from an old late 90’s indie film Buffalo 66′ by Vincent Gallo. The “fly” I personally use it as a highlighter near my brows.

As always I highly recommend Lime Crime Venus Palette eyeshadows and I’m glad that they keep expanding more colors I’m already considering on purchasing their Venus Palette III, XL, and going back to the first one.

L’oreal x Karl Lagerfeld

Shame on me that I never wrote a review of the L’oreal collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld while hypping their collaboration and I wrote an article about it so here is the previous post that I wrote about them here is a sneak peek of Karl Lagerfeld x L’oreal Paris Collaboration but I do have an excuse there I tried to find the eyeliner but never found it in all the drugstore and online but I manage to snatch their eyeshadows and two of their lipstick. But I will say this in a very, very, short review. I’m hitting the pan and I like the nude, pink, and the burgundy it’s the one that I use the most and I like to mix it with my Venus Palette II. Their lipstick is quite hydrating and long-lasting and it has these cooler shades which I still use it time to time when I’m in a zoom meeting.

E.L.F. Poreless putty primer

I no longer use foundation and concealer since I’ve been preferring in going more a natural look but I’m hook-up with their poreless putty primer. I got from Allure a few months ago and I was a bit skeptical till one day I started using it and I noticed a difference and that is it minimizes when my face gets oily and it helps my bronzer, blush, and my highlighter stay on put so yes, this is my new holy grail it’s amazing and super affordable.  Here is the link of elf Poreless Putty Primer never underestimate a super affordable drugstore brand. E.L.F. always, been an amazing brand they may be the underdog but as an old E.L.F. consumer, all I can say is that try their products.

Airspun Loose Face Powder

I may no longer use foundation but I do use face powder to take out my shine a little bit. I remember my grandma using the Airspun and now here I’m using the same loose face powder as her. It a brand from 1935 so for those who love vintage makeup this brand might be perfect for you even Dita Von Teese use Airspun. You can find Airspun at any drugstore for only $6.

Milk Makeup: Blush stick (werk)

I’m probably, very late on this game but my mom gave me as a gift Milk blush stick and since that day I haven’t stopped wearing the Milk Makeup blush stick it’s super blendable and I like how it lasts for quite a while. I love blush and I even contour with a lot of blush I don’t know how to explain but I love that I look like I’m blushing really hard.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel Clear

A few months ago Allure send me a sample of the ABH brow gel and I instantly fell in love that I waited till I ran out the product and purchase the bigger tube and I noticed that I prefer the smaller one but there is no real difference I just like small things. It’s long-lasting it holds your brow hairs and if you are like me where everything is humid and there are days when the temperature is 110 degrees Fahrenheit you can be assured that the ABH brow gel stays theirs. So I guess we can say it’s sweatproof too?

ABH Clear Brow Gel

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit

Yes, I know I’m super late on the game but hey, Allure beauty box send me alongside their brow gel also their highlighter and I just love it so much I use all of them either separated or I mix them all creating some sort of rainbow highlighter. It’s very cute and super wearable.

ABH Moonchild glow kit

Besame Cosmetic: 1930 mascara

Since the day I discovered Besame Cosmetic and purchased their mascara. I haven’t purchased any other mascara since that day. I wrote a review about their mascara several years ago Besame cosmetic 1930 mascara It just an amazing product I would consider it sustainable since all you need is to refill their mascara.

Jontéblue Professional Art Make-up: Liquid eyeliner 24 hour

My neighbor who loves makeups as much as I do. She gave me this liquid eyeliner. I never heard of the brand before but she told me she got it in one of her Ipsy monthly makeup bags. I’m impressed with how long-lasting it’s and it doesn’t bleed so I’m quite hook-up with this and it’s part of my makeup routine.

That is all the makeup products I’m currently using during this pandemic. I’m not really using many lipsticks unless I’m inside at my house having a zoom meeting but overall we just need to use some creativity when it comes to makeup looks.

Stay safe! xx

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