Going back roller skating

It’s no secret that I love roller skating for so long and for an odd reason I stopped roller skating and always found some excuses on why I didn’t have time to roller skates. 

Despise the pandemic and the lockdown that we’re all dealing with I’m glad I decided to put my roller skates back on. I do admit I was a bit intimidated on roller skating alone and I dint really had anyone to skate with but my neighbor encourages me to put on roller skates and just skate on any places where they have a good surface and boy I’m glad I did because now I can’t stop roller skating. 

One of my lists was going to a skatepark especially the ones that have a bowl so I took my time and decided to go. I do admit that I’m not a pro on doing tricks I can’t do the “flamingo” or the “four” whatever other tricks the names have but I do have my balance and I’m not afraid of falling. If you been following me on my Instagram then you should totally find me as @ladamedechat 

I’m sure many of you are seeing the trends of everyone roller skating and wearing the Moxi skates and just being all cool. I do hope that the trend doesn’t die and hopefully a Roller Derby comeback. Even tho I’m waiting for September and October so Moxi can restock their beach bunny since I want to buy one and my Reidells are to the point of fully dying.

If you are tempted of buying yourself the first pair of roller skates (especially the squad skates) then you’re on the right path. Yes, it will hurt when you are using your new pairs of roller think about ballerina shoes you just have to keep using it till it stretches it out perfectly so it may take several skating moments.

Learn how to fall. One of the reasons people stop roller skating is that they keep falling backward and you are not supposed to fall off your butt rather you need to fall on your knees (that why you are wearing a knee pad and the hand pad or whatever it called…and if you are not wearing one then you should.) There are many YouTube videos where they teach you step-by-step on how to roller skates and if you are like me who is not a big fan of skating alone then the good news is there might be a big or small community of skaters. Find a Facebook page or Instagram I’m sure you will find some and befriend with them.

Don’t get frustrated if you can’t do some of the simple things or some tricks it takes a lot of time and a lot of patience just have fun. This is not a Roller Derby practice…

It important to practice as much as you can. Practicing every day is ideal but let face something is that the majority of us are adult and we all have adult responsibility so take your time on skating at least the basics and stretch your skating boots over time. 

One of my small excuses is that I try to wake myself at least 2 hours early so I can prepare everything and hit the roller skating park because one of the things I enjoy at the skatepark is being alone with myself or with a company. Also for the newbies let say if you are pretty much a newbie that never been to a skatepark I suggest you go either very early in the morning or when the skatepark is not full since it can be a bit dangerous if you don’t know how to skate in there plus there are some skatepark unspoken rules. Like if you fall you better get up quickly,  wait for your turn if you are the rhino or any ramps in general, watch your back to avoid an accident, and so on…Either way, don’t be intimidated most of the skater are friendly and we all been there on being scared of falling from a ramp. Last but not least stay hydrated!!!

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