Netflix and quarantine

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Hello, everyone I know many of us are still in lockdown and probably on running out of watching Netflix shows and films so I felt like adding shows and film from what I’ve been watching on Netflix.

1) Freud

If you are into crimes and paranormal with a mix of gothic victorian this show might be for you. The story of Simon Freud is totally inaccurate but it a show where you can just chill and be totally hook on. I’m very curious on how they are going to do the second season which I do hope it will be good like the first one if not better.

2) Babylon Berlin

This is one of my favorite series and the third season left me shook. I won’t be explaining much about this series because I will be spoiling the series. All I can say it’s around the 1920’s four years before WWII on how two German who are polices investigator are investigating a crime scene and historical moment happening. I’m excited for the four season since well it was the roaring 20’s and ugh the opening is so good! I really love both the protagonist Gereon and Lottie.

3) The Midnight Gospel

The Midnight Gospel has only 8 episodes and it just perfect. I love the animation, the script, the plot, just everything for that show. The Midnight Gospel is a perfect show the ending is breathtaking. On each episode Clancy interview some random living in some planet and they talk many different topics it kinda like podcast but you learn so many thing about philosophy, emotion, and so on…I believe everyone should watch this show it’s worth it.

4) Valeria 

Okay, this show is pure GOLD!!! My mom and I we been quite hook-up with this show. Valeria is a comedy-drama it basically the Spanish version of Sex On The City but more modern and more accurate when it comes to sex. Adding different sex topic from disability to LGBTQ+. Now for those who are non-Spanish speaker unfortunately there is no dub and subs (for now while I’m typing here) but this show needs recognition due to the accuracy when it comes to sex.

5) Lupin The III: The Castle of Cagliostro

I feel like I have to give a bit justice to anime. It’s no surprise that I enjoy anime but I’m extremely picky when it comes to it. From ANATOMY!!!!!! to plots and dialog so finding a good anime is kinda hard now on day. Anyway, Lupin The III: The Castle of Cagliostro directed by Hayao Miyazaki   is pure gold it’s funny and heartwarming. Lupin with his sidekick Jigen are a thief stealing money counterfeit money from a casino later on they rescue a bride and well it just full adventure. What I enjoy this film there is no sexualization, there isn’t much romance, the way it’s animated is so good (I mean come on it Miyazaki) so yeah, I end up loving so much. This film is not for kids since there is lot of violence and lot of curse word.

6) Avatar: The Last Airbender

Okay, I don’t have to explain much. I believe we all grew up watching Avatar: The Last Airbender at some point in our childhood and if you dint then what where you doing with your life?

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