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Hello, everyone, I hope many of you are doing well during this time.
Today I will be talking about this company that makes cool funky socks and that is Printsfield. Printsfields is a small socks company where you can design your own cool funky socks. They gave me the opportunity to design my socks all I did was I chose the socks theme and upload my mom dog face it’s pretty easy and simple.
I was pretty excited to show off the socks to my mom since spoil her dog a lot to the point she buy him a vanilla ice cream without me. So when my socks finally arrived the first thing I noticed is the quality.

The fabric material is really good quite a high quality. I can tell that it’s made by love from someone who went and photoshop my mom dog and I find it unique. I don’t know about you guys but I love when small company put effort on what they are selling it just make them unique and Printsfield sure did stole my heart.

Not going to lie tho I was a bit skeptical that it would not fit me but I’m surprised that it did fit me nicely. Since I have big calf longs socks can be a bit tricky for me so for those who have big calf like me I can assure that it may fit on you.
I do see myself buying more from them and gifting socks (and underwear!) to my loves one with a small humor here and there. If you want to impress someone or simply want to treat your self Printsfield and I created a discount code just for you so you can save a couple of dollars and who doesn’t like saving?! I sure do love saving money so all you have to do is:
Once you got what you want to purchase head to the checkout and apply: FLAWLESS20 
That is a 20% discount code just for you!

                                                                                       (This post is sponsor by

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