My quarantine playlist

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Hello, everyone while many of us are still on the quarantine today post will be what I’ve been listening during this lockdown.
As many of you know I enjoy rock music so I will be adding different variety not just punk rock but there will be pop music and so on…

Fated, Faithful, Fatal By Marilyn Manson 
Album: The pale emperor (deluxe edition)

No surprise that I do enjoy Marilyn Manson music but on this acoustic song that is by far one of my favorite song of his makes me sing out loud (sorry neighbor). Fun fact! I named my cat Lazarus after one of his lyric that just hit right thru me and it goes…

“Lazarus got no dirt on me
Lazarus got no dirt on me 
And I will rise on every occasion
I’m the Mephistopheles of Los Angeles…”

Death by Made In height
Album: Without my enemy what would I do

Not much I know this artist I literally discover on my Spotify daily mix but the beat just fully remind me Kingdom Heart like it could easily be part of Kingdom Heart or Final Fantasy music playlist. The beat is pretty poppy while the lyrics are bittersweet something I personally enjoy when it comes to pop music.

Darkseid by Grimes
Album: Miss Anthropocene (Deluxe edition)

I had to add Grimes somewhere in my playlist her music is just ethereal. It hard to choose one but this one is currently my fever after 4AM and My name is Dark…Her new album is just good as all her previous album but it gets more a touch on one of her previous album Art Angels.

Micheal by Franz Ferdinand 
Album: Franz Ferdinand

I love, love, love Franz Ferdinand. I don’t have much to say about them all I can say I still love them so this song is just a classic.

All the best cowboys have daddy issues by Senses Fail
Album: Still searching 

Once an emo always an emo, right? I thought adding Can’t be saved but I feel like All the best cowboys have daddy issues should need a bit more of recognition. This song is quite personal to me but I love to play this song loud on my radio while cleaning my house on a Sunday morning or just driving somewhere while Buddy Nielsen is just there screaming.

Mowgli’s Road by Marina
Album: The Family Jewels

What can I say about Marina? All song are a bop I don’t have to explain much we all love Marina.

Attack of Panic by Aly and Aj

The original queen of Disney. After 10 years waiting for their album they released several song EP and they are all so damn good but attack of panic is just one of the best that they have released so far it makes me feel that I’m walking into Zara store while their lyrics are just pretty much big mood from their accuracy when someone feels panicking while having a catwalk.

Social cues by Cage The Elephant
Album: Social Cues

As always Cage The Elephant always make great album but this one I feel like many people can relate to this song quite a lot with the indie psychedelic it very catchy makes you want to sing along while dancing.

Nihilists blue (feat. Grimes) By Bring Me The Horizon
Album: Amo

Those who has been following BMTH since the beginning we can say this is a completely different song from all their music that they have recorded it full of electro-rock music with the touch of Grimes voice this song make it perfect that Nietzsche would probably love it.

Paradise lost, a poem by John Milton by The Used

With their comeback after years not knowing much about them this is jut like “hello, we are here to kick 2020 ass” and to be honest since finding out that they released this song that is full of psychedelic rock I just know that their next album will be so good that I won’t stop raving about it.

Cierre la boca by EL Imperio del Perro
Album: Músculo piel y huesos

A nice Spanish rock break-up song. I love their lyric it easy to sing along and I know that I have to dedicate my post-break up song to my lockdown.

Delilah by Florence + The Machine
Album: How big, how blue, how beautiful 

I can’t help myself but Florence Welch her voice is beautiful and hunting and rediscovering Delilah makes me realize how much I love it.

Re-education (Through labor) by Rise Against
Album: Appeal to reason 

It been around 13 years since they released Appeal to reason and it this type of song that talks about human rights, climate change, and politics something that unfortunately has gotten worst thru the years but the accuracy is still there and it gives me a reminder what I’m fighting for a better future.

Hijo de Puta (feat. Randy) by Sexy Zebras
Album: The culeras K-caras wey Barbecues

Basically a song that just say son of a bitch to all the politicians who enjoys corrupting people life.

Totalimmortal by AFI

This song is a very late 90’s punk music and it something you just want to go for mosh pit while gazing at Davey Havoc (which he still a babe tho) it been who know what and I have’t stop listening since my early high school years.

I try to keep my playlist short but I just love sharing my playlist and discovering new artists.

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