Ellas historia de mujeres puertoriqueñas [book review]

Ellas: Historias de mujeres puertoriqueñas

Hello, everyone, I hope many of you are doing well during this moment of pandemic.
Fear not on this post I will be not talking much about the corona virus. I will be talking about this book that I was dying to read as some of you know I’m from Puerto Rico (yup, half Puerto Rican half Latvian.) My mom got me this book knowing that I’m all for history especially female Puerto Rican history.

In this wonderful book with a breath taking yet simple illustration by Mya Pagán you can find her Instagram as @myashi I feel she did a huge justice on every single Puerto Rican women who fought against all the odd regardless from what decade they come from. Thanks, to all the Puerto Rican they marked for ever from politics, art, philosophy and so on…

This book is in both Spanish and English giving you a small brief biography on what they did during their time it easy to read it empowering, great for kids to learn female Puerto Rican that many of them do not appear in many history textbook but thankfully, Mya Pagán, Enery López, Navarrete, Mariola Rosario Padró and Laura Rexach Olivencia gave them their spotlight that they deserve.

All I can say is that I definitely recommend this book not just for kids but to all ages who are hungry to learn about the history of Puerto Rico and to be honest it make me happy to see important figure like Myrna Báez (1931-2018) a very important female painter to the point she shaped me as an artist. Rita Moreno a Puerto Rican actress many knows her from the West side story. Julia De Burgos (1914-1953) a very important figure who was advocated the independence of Puerto Rico along side with Pedro Albizu Campos (1891-1965) and many more..

You can purchase Ellas on: libros787.com they ship only to US and Puerto Rico

                                                  (this post is not sponsor nor affiliated)

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