Cosmolle Shapewear (AD)

Cosmolle Shapewear
Hello everyone, today I will be talking about this brand called Cosmolle
Cosmolle is a shapewear brand where it revolutionary the shapewear. Ladies and those who wear shapewear we know that most of the shapewear can be a little bit uncomfortable but the good thing is Cosmolle will make sure that you feel comfortable and not worry about anything.   

Seamless shapewear bodysuits

The Bodysuits Sharper design for anybody shapes giving you a nice curve, butt, and tummy. It’s a perfect bodysuit for those who enjoy wearing a bodycon, tight shirt, or just anything that you wear giving you the confidence that you’re looking 5x gorgeous.  

One of my favorites has to be the Luxury Seamless 1026 Shaping Leggings. The fabric is made of nylon. Now, I really enjoy wearing any lingerie (yes, shapewear are considered as lingerie)  made of nylon and this one is a big win for me. The cool thing about this Luxury Seamless 1026 is that it won’t roll as any other shapewear that I have tried before. 

Seamless shapewear bodysuits

No, as far as I know, it won’t give you any superpower but it will make you look drop-dead 
gorgeous wearing a cocktail dress or any dress, in particular, giving you a silhouette look. The Luxury Seamless 1027 helps you tighten and flatten your tummy and you can adjust or remove the straps. 

Seamless Panty Shapewear
Shaper panty

Ladies have you have this problem where you are wearing leggings and your panty isn’t

giving you any justice? Like for example it giving a trace of your panty or the infamous panty line?

Luckily, Cosmolle created the Seamless Panties Shapewear it won’t give you any trace or panty line. You will feel super comfortable where you want to have at least 20 pairs of this panty for your everyday life

Shaper Panty

By far one of my favorite and highly recommend I personally like wearing high waist shape panty and this one changed the game. It helps on keeping the tummy and your back under control so you won’t feel that you’re suffocating so you can wear your favorite clothes and you will know that you will super comfortable wearing the Seamless 1028 High Waisted Shaper Panty.

                                             (This is sponsor by Cosmolle Shapewear)

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