Reasons on why you should bring your own reusable bottle

Reusable cups

Hey, everyone, 2020 is almost here! Anyone is excited? I’m. As many of us always do some New Year resolution. To start off 2019 made me more an environmental conscious. I still don’t live in the zero waste style but I’m making less waste on plastics. Here is the reason why you should use your own reusable bottle and coffee cups!

1.) Reduce plastic waste

Plastic harms the environment. That is a no brainer and not many plastic bottles go to the recycling plant due to the bottle is contaminated, the recycling doesn’t work, or there isn’t one in your area. The best thing you can do is invest a Britta and a good bottle where it can keep both of your drinks hot and cold.

2.) It saves you money

I’m all for saving money like I don’t have to explain much about saving money I think we all do. Depends on where you are buying your coffee you can save 10 cents to a dollar or so. It depends on the coffee shop you’re going to.

3.) It saves resources 

Most of the time the carboard coffee has very thin plastic materials where it cannot be recycled plus it can take up to 30 years for the coffee cup to decompose. Sure most will be alive but let face it. It’s not cute making a lot of trash and it takes years to decompose.
Small fun fact: aside from that the coffee cup can not be recycled and turn into a coffee cup again due to the health regulation.

4.) Your drink will last longer whether is cold or hot.

It can be a really hot day and it very likely that your reusable water bottle is cold or you just order some hot tea a few hours ago and it still warm. We all like to keep our drinks hot or cold so by using a nice reusable coffee cup or bottle it one of the best things that can keep the drink fresh.

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