My artwork was vandelized

Mannequins with canvas, mirror, and oil paint

Hello, everyone, sorry I have been absent I was working on a big project but unfortunately it was destroyed by someone that I know.          
Now a small disclaimer I will not be mentioning that person name but I felt like talking about this type of subject when someone destroyed someone’s work.

There is art that we say looks breathtaking but there are arts that make us feel negative emotion like anger and that is okay that the point of art-making us feel the emotion.

One of the reasons why one of my art projects was destroyed it’s because I was using sexism word like “pendeja”, pendeja mean calling someone stupid, moron, negligible, and so on…It is not an okay word, in fact, I believe we need to stop using that word is pointless calling someone pendeja… The reason I chose that word it’s because all my life I had been called a pendeja and trust me I do not like being called a pendeja and I’m sure many of us don’t like to be called like that.
Adding a little bit more too domestic violence had skyrocket on this last few years many women are getting rape and murder and yet they call us a pendeja.
The mirror is a metaphor when you bad talk to someone you are reflecting yourself and that is who you are it’s an insecurity that you may have whenever you talk someone badly.

Now I added a personal message from my father that used to compare me against my older brother. I never had the best father role model I just had to deal with it so I was always compared by one of my siblings if not my cousin. My parents never had the best co-parenting plus they always fought so my father used to tell me that my mom is a puta. Puta means whore basically and I always got angry whenever he bad talk against my mom. I stop talking to my dad right before I graduated from high school and oh boy that whole another story I may write that on my next blog post.

The red hand mark is meant to be a wound that no matter the time pass thru the wound will always be there it may heal but the scar will be the reminder of the sexism from my childhood till the present. This artwork has a lot of personal message things that I can just say that it will hunt me but does not mean that I will stop making this controversial artwork so yes I will be making my controversial work and I will keep pushing the boundaries. You can interpretative my work in any way, you want and that totally cool I love hearing people’s points of view.

The reason why that person got angry at my work is that that person felt uncomfortable and got angry to the point they did not know how to manage on dealing with that anger. Sure the motive is not okay all I can say I forgive that person and I just wish that person would sit down with me and talk to me on why. I know being a female Latina and dealing with the never-ending sexism sucks a lot but I do have hope that we can stop fighting and just unite against the patriarchy.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

2 thoughts on “My artwork was vandelized

    1. I do have hopes of breaking taboo when it comes to the artwork but I learned that when someone feels an emotion whether it a positive or a negative feeling you simply succeed as an artist.
      Even tho vandalizing artwork is still hurtful for the artist unless that was what they’re planning. Except in my case.

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