My content is good

Photo by Mike Dorner on Unsplash

In this age of social media we all want to have thousands of Instagram followers, a lot of PR packages and getting pay by uploading a post and reviewing products but what is the cost of lies? We all have some of our favorite Instagram models and YouTubers showing us their lavish lifestyle, influencing us on to buy this and that and to look a certain way and I’m not gonna lie I’m also influenced by many people I think we all do in a certain way.

But is it worth it? According to Business Insider, it is estimated that by 2022 the influencer marketing that many brands will be spending up to $15 billion on this industry. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well for me sounds interesting and I wish I was an influencer but I’m not willing to promote diet stuff. Now, I feel I’m getting a bit out of the track from here. So let me try and go back from what I’m saying.
When it comes to Influencers it’s usually some super skinny good looking model promoting every single little thing from diet stuff, whitening your teeth, clothing, makeup and so on. Without many consequences but how bad they’re influencing us if not the younger audience who are hitting their puberty? They have this privilege (at least my local Influencers are pretty much some Guaynabicha but that a whole another story) where they don’t have to deal on working some full-time job or part-time earning $7.25
and being exploited. but all I have to say is that my content is good sure I don’t really have millions of followers and ironically I’m a starving artist (no pun intended my fridge is pretty much empty but I’m surviving by eating greek yogurt and drinking oolong tea).

I’m assuming that some of you are asking “but Michelle aren’t you rambling?” Well, I’m kinda am. I’m surviving because of freelance art commissions, sponsor post that you see on my blog, scholarship, and working as personal assistance on a company which I will not be naming but everything is something that I can not be described but in the end, it’s worth it. I’ve read many posts from many small bloggers and their contents are good if not it’s AMAZING but I do wish that some of them don’t give up on blogging. It’s a pressure of earning traffics and wishing on getting pay by writing even just for $20. All I can say my content is good because I do pour my time, my creativity, and my energy there is a time where I just feel burned out or simply I’m with many deadlines but I will always come back and who knows maybe someday my blog will be a hit and I can finally get myself the Christian Louboutin heels that I’m always dreaming and not caring how uncomfortable they’re but at least I do get a side of commission so I can pay my Spotify account which is essential everyone knows I dislike commercials but hey, I don’t know what you think about your blog and I do hope it’s something positive and always say to yourself “my content is good” because hey being a blogger is not easy and we both know that so always love your blog because it’s your baby and if there is something you don’t like then change it think about in a Sims way which is the worst way to explain but you know what I mean. My content is good and I may not be a super hot skinny Instagram model but I do know is that thanks to my blog I got to meet many lovely bloggers and opportunity.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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