What I got on Christmas Day 2019

Hello, everyone happy holidays! I’m still on vacation till mid-January because well I’m still on the holiday. After New Year’s Eve end we celebrate the three wise kings it basically another December 25 but on January 6 and yes we do get double presents. 
Here is what I got on the three wise kings day.
A pink rose gold sunglasses all my glasses are black so yeah a little change of color isn’t going to harm me a bit.
A small gold bracelet. 
An agenda that say it’s not easy being sexy in the Carribean. Side note does who don’t know me I do live in the Carribean. 
A journal so I can just write anything. I’m currently using it as a diary.
A lemon and lime earrings handmade by Purpura I’m planning on getting one of the tostones!
A black stud purse which I completely love it. 
Karl Lagerfeld wallet which I also love it because hey, I like Karl and I adore cats!
Last but not least a membership of Adobe so I will have to get re-used to it again on using Illustrator, Photoshop and other application from Adobe in my new Macbook.
I’m looking forward to writing many new things and edit my photo a bit more professional so hopefully soon I will buy a new bamboo tablet and start doing digitals art again.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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