New Year Resolution 2019

2019 is finally here! We all go for the infamous quote “New year new me!” Which to be honest for me sounds like 360 degrees where nothing change. Things can change if we put effort into our goals one of my new year resolutions is to be more environmentally conscious and try to live plastic free as much as possible one of the small things I’m starting doing is using my reusable straw and my reusable bottle water. Working out a bit more so my other goal is to lose weight and that means once my class starts it means cutting my coffee take out and no longer finding excuses that I have no time making myself some coffee.

My other list new year resolution.
Save money (cross my heart and I hope to travel soon)
Get more sponsor (Hey, Lime Crime it me ya girl can ya sponsor me again?)
Read more books!
Master my drawing art skill especially in anatomy.
Master the French language and learn new ones
Harvest more things like basil, loofah, lettuces and so on…
Watch my coffee tree grow! Yes, I do have a small coffee tree and I don’t know if it will give me coffee
Skate more!
Stress less. This year I was on too much stress to the point I went a bit crazy.
Finish my two projects with a good friend of mine
Art collaboration
And so on…There are many things I want to say but I may end up adding or change some few things on my list and that is totally okay I don’t know what my future will hold but this year I know I will do my best on my things.

What your New Year resolution?

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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