Products review December edition

Hello, everyone happy holidays! This year I got some plenty of interesting goodies and yes I”m really obsess with my tote bag cat butt to the point I take it to almost everywhere. What I learn from the cat coven from each purchase you make it goes to a charity from the diabetes research institute, anti-violence project, Neo-nazis not welcome (Make the road NY) and so much more it run by a small independent company from New York so if you’re a crazy cat lady like me and Aunt Gale from Bob Burgers go and check out their website

The other I would like to talk is these two handmade soaps from Barras Jabón Artesanal. Barra is another small independent handmade soap from Ponce, Puerto Rico my mom and I we are loving her soaps especially her lavender + manzanilla it works wonderfully on my skin (my skin is a combination) it feels so fresh and it small so good. Her soaps are cruelty-free and vegan. There is a lot of varieties for a different type of skin plus she sale shampoo conditioner great for those who are or starting on more environmentally friendly.

My current obsession aside the cat butt tote bag is the Celeste earrings handmade by the wonderful designer Andrea Pellot she sells a lot of beautiful handmade jewelry go and check her Instagram out

Lately, I’m getting a bit obsessed with Lush products and so far I’m using D’fluff shaving soap cream whatever you wanna call it. My hair is pretty thick so using this product makes my shaving routine a bit easier. The product is a bit pricey and on my case, it lasts a few weeks and I did re-purchased the product since I got a Lush gift card but I’m still unsure on re-re-purchasing the product with my own money but I will (might) be writing a bit more detail of this products.

 It’s nothing new that I love Lime Crime products and one of my holy grail is their Venus Palette. Few months ago there was a sale of their eyeshadows so I went and purchased their Venus II only because their eyeshadow filter (blue) reminds me this late 90’s independent film Buffalo 66′ where Christina Ricci wore this beautiful baby blue eyeshadow plus adding a bit more modern independent film the love witch also wore a similar blue eyeshadow. As always, I’m not disappointed with their eyeshadow aside I noticed a bit fall out on their mustard eyeshadow but doesn’t bother me much.

Last but not least. First Beauty Aid, to be honest, I’ve been trying to write a product of them but I left with a mixed feeling, not in a bad way but I haven’t seen much of a difference on my skin and I’m currently changing my beauty skin routine into more naturals products so maybe it’s that. Their product is good but not something I would buy them again unless I live a place where it basically cold (??) I mean I live in a tropical island so winter doesn’t exist in Puerto Rico so it’s Summer all year long.

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