Let talk about mental health + tips

Getting myself filmed on a philosophy work

Hello, everyone, I partner up with Nicole Carmen on a project she is doing about
mental health. The holiday season is already here and it can be a wonderful time of the year but it can also be one of the worst time of the season. I can’t speak much about those who suffer seasonal affective disorder also known as SAD due to I live in a tropical island and it always Summers all years long but I can speak for those who suffer depression all year long especially during the Holiday. Depression suck, yeah we all know that. It important to talk about depression, PTSD, anxiety, and other mental health and break the taboo. One of the things we can start is by talking to our loved one it may be scary but it can be something and they will be there for you whenever you feel alone. For those who are in college talk to your counselor and it very likely they will recommend you visit a psychiatrist that is connected to your campus or something similar it totally cool to get professional help and taking medication. I’m well aware of the stigma of those who take the anti-depressant along other medication we do get the pressure telling us “workout”, “paint”, “dance”, some rant that depression can cure by smiling more or something like that. Here is the thing. Take your medication, talk to your psychiatrist and psychologist it may be scary talking to a psychiatrist or to a psychologist due to their stereotype but let me tell you that I visit every week to psychologist and the past month it be good sure I do come back home super exhausted after talking about my problem and finding the “solution” about my childhood trauma, Post Hurricane Maria (dealing a humanitarian crisis is horrible), loss and many other things in my life but it feels like a lift on my shoulder.

Here are some few tips:

RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! On finding a local psychologist later on they may give you a reference on seeing the psychiatrist later on.
Don’t be afraid of opening up about your mental health
Don’t ignore your hobbies. Do you love roller skating? Go ahead and skate! What about cooking? Go for it!
Change your diet I know it may sound bs but changing your diet is good. I used to drink around 4 cups of coffee per day and I was super anxious and adding the coffee always muffin or sweet bread so now I cut to 1-2 but not every few days. 
Exercise I know it sounds another bs but it does help not just your physical but it releases endorphins.
Clean your house. I’m a big believer of energy we are made of energy and whenever we don’t clean our house we accumulate energy where it becomes a negative energy so clean your house and open your window!
Read self-help books or blog post! I don’t have to explain much but it can help you with so many things.


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