Shop luxury items on a budget while being ecofriendly with TheRealReal

Hello everyone, today I will be talking about this store called TheRealReal. TheRealReal is a luxury store where they sell well-known brands like Gucci for example and let be honest most of us drool to own a piece of luxury and that is totally okay no need to be shy about it we all heard and read oh so many articles about telling us  to “stop spending money on a $5 coffee on Starbucks” “stop buying a lot of things”, “learn to save some money” and so on…Well, it’s true that we need to save some money if we want something that is quite a luxury but I got some good news!
The photo was taken by Maria Michelle

TheRealReal offers great discounts in a lot of well-known luxury brands plus they’re second-hand luxury which is great for the environment and nothing is better than buying a second hand while knowing you’re helping the environment even if it a small impact but a small impact can lead to a bigger impact to the environment and teaching other on not to be afraid about second hand and educating about the environment can make the world a better future for us and those who will be part of the future and to be honest TheRealReal is totally worth to check them out for several different reasons they’re partner with Good+ foundation where they donate clothes and their mission is to break the cycle of poverty while keep most of the clothes out of the landfills. Do you know the second biggest pollution are clothes being thrown away into the landfill? Thanks to the fast fashion industry we buy more clothes made of cheap material and throw them away when it no longer useful and that is a big problem in the fashion industry. TheRealReal sell more than just a handbag like Gucci but also sell Kids clothes, Men clothes and other man items, home stuff, and so many stuff also if you sign up you will get a $25 of credits plus if you refer to your friend and your dear friend purchase from them with a $25 credit you will get a $125 of credit, pretty cool right? It basically a win-win situation you’re getting credit for sign in up, referring to a friend, getting a sweet discount on the store plus helping the environment. So, make sure to save up some money on that Gucci purse that you’re eying on for a while because it will be yours and who doesn’t love shopping while doing an environmental impact? Nothing is better than just buying guilt-free knowing that you’re making sure that the purse, clothes, jewelry, and other purchases that you made from them are not in the landfill and it got a new opportunity to be used. If you’re interested in researching about the fast fashion industry and what can you do to help the environment there are many wonderful resources online always support a second-hand shop as I’ve been mentioning before helping the environment is important not just for us but also for the wildlife.

                                                   (This post is sponsored by TheRealReal)

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