The rise of Lime Crime a vegan & cruelty-free company

Hello, everyone today I will be talking (again) about Lime Crime. When we hear the company name like “Lime Crime” there are many things comes to our mind whether it something negative or positive to this company we all have or had some history with them before. I personally never had trouble with Lime Crime, in fact, most of my lipsticks are from them because I enjoy their formula and all their products are certified cruelty-free and vegan  and those are one of the few reasons why I still support them, for me finding a cruelty-free beauty products is hard due to where I live for example for me to visit Urban Outfitter is two hours away without traffics (totally not worth the drive!) so I personally rather just purchased online, searching other retail stores they usually lack brands that are cruelty-free and well I like supporting indie company trusting that their beauty products are vegan and cruelty-free. We all know Lime Crime have this very long history from the founder controversy to security breach hack since the founder Doe Deere step down from CEO and sold her company to Financo it was quite shocking when I found out that Doe stepped down plus selling her company one of the things I got worried was “is it going to stop being vegan and cruelty-free?” it was one of my worried due to seeing other well-known make-up brands selling themselves and stopped being animal friendly thankfully Doe Deere clarified that the company will be the same the only difference is that she is no longer CEO and the new person who is going to be managing the company is Kim Wall who has a lot of experience since the late 90’s. I’m looking forward to seeing more products maybe (hopefully) bring back some of the few old products like their liquid eyeliner.

Whatever happen in the past I personally still support them like I have mentioned before vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics are very important for me since I don’t see the reason why is important testing animal on many products since it 2018 we have a lot of advanced technology, anyway I still love Lime Crime I think they’re one of the few makeup companies who started selling “crazy unicorns lipstick colors” for everyone from grunge, Lisa Franks and to Bratz you know that their makeups are unapologetic giving you an awesome bold look plus look great in all skin color! Every product from Lime Crime gives you a story and for me it gives me this Lisa Frank and Bratz vibe where I can express myself from wearing a bold color to a nude one same goes for their holy grail their Venus palette one of my personal favorite eyeshadow palettes where I can just grab one of their color and good to go. I believe that Kim Walls will push Lime Crime to a better future with more products and still as the Lime Crime that we know now on the day but like I said it will be better and more magical than we know.

                                                                 (This blog is sponsored by Lime Crime)

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

6 thoughts on “The rise of Lime Crime a vegan & cruelty-free company

  1. I've always loved the look of Lime Crime products but to be honest have been a little skeptical about purchasing due to their questionable history! My best friend has a few of their lip products from years back and still loves them. I'm tempted to invest in some soon as they seem to keep banging out fab products in such vibrant shades! I love companies that produce really individual products!Alice Xx


  2. I personally do recommend you to try them (if you don't want too that totally fine no need to feel guilty) and I understand the skepticism. If you don't want to purchase straight online from them I will suggest you to check on some few online and retail store where they sell them or ask your friend if you can borrow one of her lipstick! xx


  3. Glad to catch up on this post! The thing for me is that Doe Deere even if she's not CEO anymore, she still gets $$$ from the sales… that's the only thing that stops me to purchase from LC. Great post love 🙂


  4. They do have some amazing formula I personally love their matte velvetine and their Venus eye shadow palate. I'm currently planning on purchasing some of their old school unicorn lipstick and their 10 year anniversary eye shadow


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