NYX: Honey dew me up [review]

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Wow, it been a while since I reviewed any cosmetics products!

A few weeks ago I purchased NYX honey dew me up primer/serum at first I was quite skeptical since it cost $17 and so far I haven’t fully married any NYX products but I’ve been searching for a really good primer that does not crease my foundation so here are my thoughts about this products:

-For $17 I find it a bit too much for a drugstore products
– I still don’t know what does flaky gold do but it doesn’t give me the shimmer on my face which is a good thing for me with and without foundation
– The serum works wonderfully but I don’t think it works as a primer since it kinda gave me the “crease” on my nose area
– I have a mixed feeling with the spatula. I prefer products that you don’t have to make skin contacts (you know what I mean?)
– Lately, I’m not wearing foundation due to the heat is so bad and I haven’t found a really good primer but I like how this product makes my face look smooth and refines the pores
– A little goes a long way!

I would rate this products 3.4/5

I think it should improve a bit like instead using a spatula use some those pump thingy and take out the word “primer” and just leave the word “serum”
Overall the product isn’t that bad. I’m not quite sure if I would purchase this product again but I enjoy using it for now.

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