Things that they don’t tell you about the niche


We all seen many posts about finding your own ‘niche’ which is a great help from the many posts I’ve read before.

Ever felt that you think you found your ‘niche’ but it kinda outgrew on you? no longer feeling writing a beauty review, fashion, food, lifestyle, and etc..? It okay. Sometimes we think we have or we got to have one niche (nothing wrong having one niche). There are moments when we feel like no motivation on blogging due to the pressure of succeeding like many other bloggers that we know but remember they also felt the same thing as you’re feeling now. The constant pressure of doing a weekly post, finding the picture perfect, editing and oh so many things that we the blogger constantly struggle. 

When I started this blog I thought it would only be just makeup reviews and I tried my best to write a weekly post, try to buy new products every week and etc…But I put myself an unrealistic expectation I personally can’t buy beauty products every week and write the exact same thing. So I decided to dip a bit and try new things so in the end I expand a bit of my niche and went to write lifestyle I still write makeup but not as usual as before.
Don’t get the pressure of having to write the same thing especially from the same brand whether is Lush, Lime Crime, the same jean that hasn’t been washed in a month, from whatever your writing. Yeah, I know you want that brand to recognize you as an influencer but try to mix a bit on your blog SPICE IT UP!  
Self-portrait and unknown unfinished drawing
Don’t be afraid of taking a break from blogging it’s exhausting doing everything from taking pictures, editing, writing, publishing and promoting. I don’t have to explain this. It’s simple to take a break it’s not the end of the world from taking a break from the world of blogging. 
I’m sure that you’re saying “okay, Michelle but what about the niche how to increase my traffics?”
Well, as the algorithm keeps being a total bitch all I can say promote your post on your Instagram use hashtags and on Twitter, I personally use buffer it a bit pain in the ass since they changed twitter policy so I have to every week repost all the post manually. Read other bloggers posts and write a comment on their post with a link to your blog!  They will appreciate that you took your time to read their post and I’m assured that they will return the favor also for the love of Persephone interact with other bloggers on twitter plus try and participate on those twitter bloggers where they help other bloggers to promote their blogs.

As the blogging community change for the better or for the worst, it all depends. In order to avoid a bad reputation, drama or whatever the blogging community is going to throw all I can say ignore it and keep writing, keep trying new things, don’t be afraid on expanding or keeping one niche. It’s your blog and I’m pretty sure you will be fine.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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