Hit or miss?

Hello, everyone, I feel like writing what makeup I’ve been using that left me some impression and if they’re worth it or not.

I found a new SPF that I’ve been wearing quite a lot lately and that is botanic it controls my oil and my shine and since the day I did that purchased I’ve been wearing nonstop I do recommend anyone wearing an SPF especially during this Summer the botanic SPF is 15 unfortunately, I haven’t found a higher SPF number but so far so good.

Wet n wild goth-o-graphic: I know I’m super late on the game after dealing so many things I haven’t got the time to write a post about it so I will say it quick the loose highlighter powder is totally worth it especially for a night-o-look the eyeshadows are good too I do recommend to use primers and eyeshadow so it can last longer.

Kat Von D ft Green Day basket case: again, late on the game and yeah I’m aware of the fiasco but I feel like sharing my opinion on the basket case guyliner. I LOVE IT!!! Makes me go to a very throwback early 2000’s when my go to look was the raccoon eyes with a very emo hairstyle, I would definitely buy it again if they decided to sell them again and yeah I just love heavy eyeliners and Green Day.

Banana powder: yeah that the name of the brand someone gave it to me I personally like it when it comes to contouring and baking but I don’t use it that much but hopefully I will give a bit more love

Too Face hangover face primer and setting spray: I’m a bit with a mixed feeling with this spray, I like the smell but I feel like it left me more oily so I guess I have to keep finding a good cruelty-free setting spray.

NYX liquid eyeliner: I lost the red one but here is the pink one. I don’t hate it but I have to reapply several hours later or it will start cracking so I definitely won’t be buying one again in the meantime.

Wet n wild lip liners: they are good in case of emergency when some of my lipsticks decided on not to last long they are my savior, I may be buying more of this.

Wet n Wild eyebrow mascara: I don’t paint my eyebrows I like to keep it fully natural but with this mascara makes me feel a bit groomed I will be buying more of this eyebrow mascara and I do hope they release colors one too.

NYX angel veil primers: I find it quite okay but I feel like it doesn’t hold against the humidity so I will be searching for another face primer.

Urban Decay pervision mascara and eyeliner: I never bother buying high-end mascara I find them quite the same but since it was a gift well obviously I would be using it. The mascara is just like any other mascara that you would find at the drugstore so it’s not a big deal and the eyeliner well it does last and I like how it can give me my emo heavy looks.

Lisa Franks angle brush: I personally love this brush the bristle are super soft and easy to clean plus it does hold a lot of the makeup products I may get another Lisa franks brush if it stops being sold out.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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