Things that I’ve been loving (Summer 2018)

                           Hello, everyone after being in a very long hiatus I’m finally back!
    During the past Spring, I purchased some few things along now with Summer. I’m excited to show you few things that I’m loving this Summer.

This is Dali and this is Goya I’m currently getting more, and more obsessed with this book talking about their life and their artwork. It’s a great gift for those who love arts I’m currently still collecting more hopefully I’ll find one of Vincent Van Gogh. I already have the Andy Warhol a few years ago, it a great collector item the book cover is wonderfully beautiful  I highly recommend BLUME.
This hand cream is a life changer it’s both cruelty-free and vegan the smell have a nice hint of rosemary it hydrates instantly on my hand made me noticed that my hands are much more hydrated and smoother for the past weeks, again I do recommend this hand cream only if you are not going to be working like doing sculptures, for example, it can get bit sweaty for better lack of words I personally prefer to wear them before I go to bed. 
Okay, I’ve spent like almost $20 on this cute ceramic leaf from Animal Crossing 7/11 from Japan. No, unfortunately, I haven’t visited Japan but I found a site where they sell rare merchandise of Japanese pop-culture in generals and the best of the site that I found I could play their lottery game so I won this cute small plate. the next one is a pin. The pin is by a local artist name Keyshla M. De Jesus. She is a cancer survivor founder of arte sanación she makes wonderful artwork from painting, sculpting to installation I highly recommend to check her Instagram and see more of her works!

The other is a pink bottle earring is also made by a local artist and you can buy her jewelry via her Instagram she goes by snow_resin_jewels most of her jewelry glows in the dark all are handmade and again I highly recommend to check her Instagram out.  

Last but not least is the amethyst necklace I got it on a small online boutique all their crystals are 100% authentic. Crystal Cactus is a small online boutique most of the stuff that they sell is based on Wicca they sale more than just rocks and jewelry but also sages, edible stuff and so much more you can get the necklace via this link here

(Animal Crossing items Kuji  and plates)

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