Five way to be a better person

Hello, every one day I will be giving some pieces of advice on how to feel better I got inspired by one of the posts of Lucy Cole.
The internet can be harsh sometimes where we end up having negativity energy from the drama that is usually petty. 
Tidy up: I’m all for cleaning I’m those people who think if you have a messy room you’re cluttering too much energy where it turns into negative energy so clean your room and your house open the windows to get some fresh air, declutter your closet sell and or donate stuff that you no longer use do not linger on something that you no longer use and clean your fridge my mom always says to me it’s important to keep everything clean so that everything can prosper and give us good health.

Turn off your social media: Turning off your social media can be a great time to time and focus on yourself and what you need to do like is it doing your homework, cooking, planning your week, spending time with your loved one, etc,…

Ignore gossip: Nothing is annoying than gossiping and living in the drama for 24/7. I know we’re all guilty on that but what I learned during the years is why gossiping about someone you don’t like 24/7 judging every single thing on what the person does?. It is just sad. There are people that I don’t like and you know what I do? I just ignore them I unfollow them from their social media and I just wish them for the best. Let the hatred go karma will always get you (I’m a huge believer in the Universe & magik law).

Let the past go: Letting the past go is a huge step it may not be easy but in the end totally worth it. Learn to forgive those who have harmed you, don’t dwell on your past wishing you could go back focus on the present so you can have a better future, let your anger and your hatred go again it may not be easy letting that hatred and the anger go but staying angry at someone or something won’t help you much in the future let it go there is no reason holding it, it wont help you moving forward.

Focus on yourself: It’s important to focus on yourself from your health, work, and your environment. Exercising is a good way of taking out bad energy (like anxiety), learn something new you may discover something and you may like it or you found a silly information or an interesting information, eat healthy I know it sounds bullshit but in order to improve your mood eating healthy is good for your health don’t glamorize on what we see on Instagram people eating giant doughnuts, pizza every day, fried food and pretty much every single junk food that we see everywhere both online and offline, get rid of negative people they are the worst last year I learned to let those who where my friends go it wasn’t that easy but I’m glad I did the right thing. Love yourself may not be easy but loving yourself is the greatest thing you can do.

Their time where we feel down and that is okay not every day is sunshine with rainbow sometimes we need a little bit of rain so we can create a rainbow… 

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                                                    (This post has been updated on 15/09/2019)

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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