So long and goodnight, Salem

It has been 3 months since my cat passed away I’ve been planning on writing a post about my cat but I never had the courage to write one because it’s hard after having him for almost 16 years.  

16 years sound like a lot but looking back time went fast we both grew up together he was just more than a cat and my emotional pet support (yes, there are such things as services cat) he was pretty much my everything. We were inseparable. My mom rescued my cat on December 31, 2003, she thought it was a rat until my older brother confirm that it’s a cat hour from being born they took him to the vet and the vet told her that me may not survive and she told him that she will nourish him and so she fed him every 5-10 minutes during New Years and I knew that this is my cat, he survived during the New Years Eve and went to the vet to get his medication and other stuff that I was too young to comprehend and to remember my mom named him Salem not becuase Sabrina the teenage witch (I think that show dint really exist during my time or was I watching Discovery kids during that moment?). Salem was our very first cat he was pretty mischief from attacking people and neighbor dogs and cats to being all sweet toward to me we always sleep together, eat together and whenever I was taking a shower he was waiting for me and everyday he always greeted me whenever I came back from school the dogs always respected him and them where afraid of pissing him off especially Lolo who is a rescued Bassett Hound those two didn’t get along quite well. As he grew old he has always been mischief from taking my mom toothbrush from his mouth and throwing it to the floor and my mom screaming and calling me that my cat is possed and he runs toward to her bed and pretend that he didn’t do anything and that he was just “chilling”, sleeping with my dogs while one of them try to escape from him to talking to you back (he was sort of a Garfield only grey) he loves turkey ham, cooked salmon, yogurt, chips, milk, bread, chicken, cheese, pancakes pretty much almost everything except veggies he wasn’t much into cat toys aside shoe laces and playing with my hair but his favorite game always been hide n seek and tag you’re it and whenever we’re relaxing we both end up watching tv or he is watching me play video games (he never let me do my homework instead dog ate my homework it was my cat) whenever my mom and I argued he always came defending me and one of his crime was pooping in her bed and sleep on her pillow so it can get covered in furs. As time went on he always looked healthy and my mom and I always joked that he doesn’t know that he is a cat and that he thinks he is a human. We both survived two hurricanes but he got sick at the worst moment where in Puerto Rico the 99% didn’t have any electricity I had to drive to go to a vet where it was far away from home so he could get an X-ray and then drive back to the near vet from home and the Doctor said it may be cancer or kidney failure we could not tell because there was no electricity I start noticing he wasn’t eating, doing his stuff on his litter box and he was losing weight fast and every week we take him to the vet so he could get his IV during those horrible moments he refused to sleep next to me avoided the three dogs he wasnt being himself, in general, I remember how my cat back legs stop working and I called my mom crying becuase I felt helpless that I couldnt do anything and I had to carry him everywhere and take him to his litter box so he could pee instead peeing himself after a few weeks later his head was down and he coulnt look up and I end up crying more and telling my mom that this is not him I was refusing to accept that soon he will pass away, Salem fought to be alive and my vet told me he won’t put him to sleep because he seems fighting on living and one night I made him a bed and he asked me to put him on my and sleep with him one last time my dogs said goodbye by sleeping next to him and the other day I took him back to the vet so he could get his IV and a few hours later after I left him my vet called my mom saying that he passed away peacefully. Everyone friends and family mourned him he always been a very special cat and to this day I still miss him but I always cherish the good time we both had.

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6 thoughts on “So long and goodnight, Salem

  1. So sorry to hear about your beautiful boy. He may only have been there part of your life, but to him, you were there for his entire life. It's so heartbreaking to lose a pet, sending love to you!


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