Why I love Lime Crime

My Lime Crime collection

Hello, everyone, welcome to 2018 today I will be talking one of my favorites brands and that is of course Lime Crime!

Love them or hate them because I personally don’t care and yes I’m aware of their controversy.
The reason why I support them it’s because of their makeup quality, good customer services, their details package, cruelty-free and the best part student discounts!

I personally like their velvetine because of it last long and sometimes when they fade they don’t look bad they have their pigment on my lips so I personally don’t mind at all and I think it’s a nice investment to splurge a little bit on them especially when they throw those massive sales during the holiday also their Venus palette is the bomb!.
TIP: if you’re a college student register at Unidays by clicking here! So you can get the extra sweet discount!!!!
I always check out via PayPal doesn’t matter what store I always use PayPal in case if something bad happens. The reason why I decided to write this post it because it got me thinking why other people attack someone for wearing Jeffree Star, Lime Crime, Kat Von D, or any big or small brands? it’s their money, not yours maybe they got it as a gift, either way, it’s none of our business still not okay to attack someone for wearing a makeup brand that you don’t like
As I try to make this post long apparently I’m failing because I don’t have much to say because I like Lime Crime and for now I’ll be supporting them despite their controversy I think their security breach drama won’t happen again because I know it sucks getting your credit card stolen but seeing them growing I believe they’re making an improvement and I do hope that Lime Crime company grow more and expands more makeup.

If you’re going to say something about the founder of Lime Crime Doe Deere she is a grown adult and as far as I know, she is aware and she accepted the consequences and I personally believe in second chances that is why I gave second chances to Lime Crime company.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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