Sailor Moon: Rainbow Moon Chalice Cheek

Hey, everyone! Today I will be reviewing the Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Rainbow Chalice Cheek

You can find at with other Sailor Moon Miracle Romance. I got it on sale for $40 original price $65.90 so far it’s one of my expensive blush that I own but it’s a collector item and I really enjoy collecting Sailor Moon merchandise. This is the second time I purchase a Sailor Moon Miracle Romance to read my first review Sailor Moon: Miracle Romance liquid eyeliner

The chalice reminds me more of Sailor Moon Crystal than the 90’s Sailor Moon which is nice since there new Sailor Senshis fan watching crystal.
The box is really cute I like how they add detail to Usagi transformation while adding real-ish flowers (?) unfortunately, I can’t read the box because it’s in Kanji and I don’t know how to read nor talk Japanese.

The blush comes with 11g it a very light pink I personally have a mixed feeling since I’m used to blush that is quite noticeable but again most Japanese and Korean goes to more light makeup than the Western I don’t hate the blush and I would be using most likely my rush of everyday look but I would love if it was bit more diverse so can everyone enjoy the Sailor Moon Chalice cheek. Also, kuddo that I can take out my blush and hide stuff in there!

I would rate the blush a 3.5 out of 5

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