What on my mind?

A lot of things are in my mind…
First dealing with the Hurricane Irma and now Hurricane Maria while knowing I’m behind with my school work wishing I could go back to class and get everything done.
It’s Monday morning my cat is sleeping next to me while I’m writing anything that comes up in my mind while listening to The Bravery.

I’m planning on opening an Etsy store where I would be making handmade enamel pins mostly fandom stuff like Sailor Moon and Twin Peaks.

I’m considering on cancelling a trip that I was going next year on a cruise ship but what happens in St. Martin and other small island are on my no-no list.

I went to the bar first time with my aunt and we had fun chatting and talking about crap even tho she got bit tipsy I manage to stay sober but I think I finally found a beer that I like.

On October (hopefully, depending on how the damage was due to the Hurricane Maria) I’ll be doing another giveaway of Sailor Moon on my Instagram. Must be following me.

I’m still waiting for my represent shirt that I’m excited to wear it and show it to one of my favourites woke bea.

Unfortunately, I won’t have Christmas vacation thank to Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

Do you like The Bravery?

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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