How to survive your years in college

 Hello, everyone! today I will be giving small tip on how to survive your years in college I will be talking a bit of money saving, health, getting good grades and what to do when you are feeling stressed.

 We all joke about how broke we are (eh, well it kinda true) but there are so many great tips on how not to be so broke so I will write as short as possible.

Some few scholarships give cheques every once a month or so whenever you receive it put it on your saving and do NOT splurge yourself no matter how much you want a $20 lipstick it will be better to save it in case of emergency.

Try to eat less outside and try to bring home cook meal or that instant microwaved food your wallet will thank you. It okay to eat once in a blue moon at Ben and Jerry, McDonald, Wendy or any places but spending $5 every day on Starbucks you will notice that you may be spending $20 weekly.

Bring a bottle of water. Every single day I bring a bottle of water aside from saving money it good for your body, your skin and whenever you want to avoid social interaction. Pun intended.

Check if some few places accept student discounts, nothing is better than discount food (also free food)

Check & register at this site where you can get discounts from Mac books, makeup, clothes to almost anything

Sometimes college can be stressful, take a break do not over work yourself. One of my favorite small tricks is that I bring a small sketchbook and I just doodle or something so I can take my mind off.

Eat fruits and veggies they are good for your body and soul.

Socialize talk to your classmate or friends it important to socialize.

Take a nap somewhere if your class start around noon and it 10:00 am you can rest for an hour at least, it’s important to rest your mind in other to function and to succeed.

Avoid negativity at all cost. Some people don’t grow up and they love drama or simply they are just pretty negative they are like a vampire. If they’re pressuring you from using drugs, alcohols or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable you have the every right to say no. Fuck whatever they say and ignore their manipulation tactics.

Do your homework, it’s not later or tomorrow better to do it the same day before your tomorrow classes.

If you’re stoned, hangover, too tired or under the influences than it better to skip the class than giving a bad impression to your professor and to your classmate. Trust me no one care if you are under the influence plus it annoying to see someone like that in a classroom.

It okay to ask for help whether it a homework that you don’t understand or mental health you have the every right to ask for help to your School counselor, your professors, classmate, anyone. No need to be ashamed of it.

Stay organized from what are you going to wear tomorrow to the daily task.

Do your class start at 8 am and you need to wake up super early? Use an alarm clock that wakes you up around 5 in the morning.

TAKE.A.SHOWER! Do I have to explain this one?

Plan your outfit for tomorrow.

Use a reminder to finish a task there are plenty of methods to use.

Stay friendly.

Those are the simple tips from surviving your years in college

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

2 thoughts on “How to survive your years in college

  1. I love these tips and I agree with all of them! It's so important to save some money when you can just in case something goes wrong! Hopefully you will have helped a few people with this post!Lauren 🙂 x


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