My mini birthday Coach haul

Hello, everyone today I’m going to be talking about what I got on my 22 birthday and for disclaimer I’m not being sponsor by Coach and or any association with them all of them are either paid by me or given as a gift for me by my loves one.

I’m really happy that this year I got few plenty of gifts that I know I will be using it for special occasion especially art exhibition, I never been a big fan of using anything white due fear of getting a stain but once I talked to one of my local Coach store they told me there are special cleaning products and other guarantee.

 So let get starred with the bracelet I’ve been dying to post of them on my Instagram

Coach x Keith Haring 
This one I purchased for myself since I love Keith Haring and finding out that Coach did a collaboration with the late artist Keith Haring and honestly I’m happy that they put the infamous dog on one of their collection (do they have the dog in a purse?) hopefully I can get at least one more item from that collection hopefully a wallet.

My awesome mom got me this cute tote purse because she knows I’m a snob when it comes to high end purse I always believe they last longer due to their material and of course as long you take good care of them. I’m pretty excited to use them one I start doing art exhibition in the near future but I will be announcing someday…But I will still be using it.

Can’t you believe that I found this sunglasses at Marshall for $25??? Now that a steal most of my sunglasses cost a buck and most of them are from Ebay, hopefully I will be using them more of them in the future without breaking them.

Last but not least my aunt got me this nice earring. I personally don’t use much earring due sometime I get allergy reaction and so far I haven’t use them, yet. If I do then I hope it does get mold nor gets me an allergy reaction.

I really like my present and yes I got more than just Coach but I felt writing this mini haul I find them so chic and oh so fancy!

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