My favorite lipstick collection


Who doesn’t love lipstick? We all love to collect lipstick (and wear them of course) there is never enough. Doesn’t matter if there is a similar red lipstick or a nude color they all have different pigmentation and formula.

I will be writing this post quite short so bear with me…

I don’t have any top favorite lipstick since I personally change constantly and I have this habit that the few hours I’m wearing a deep red and the next hour a brown one so Kylie limited birthday edition from last year is one of my favorite. I personally like to put it on top and mix with any color and make it bit ombre or turn it into rose gold.

ELF moisturizer lipstick is one of my go-to whenever I need something quick I just wear them and good to go.

Necromancy Cosmetica Specter: I thought that I won’t like the color but after mixing with the Kylie gold lipstick I end up loving it makes like a weird pastel lilac rose gold but very flattering, right now necromancy cosmetica is becoming my new lipstick obsession I love their store and their amazing customer services I highly recommend this brand great quality, super pigmented and cruelty-free!

NYX lingering: I personally not a big fan of NYX but this one I kinda like it, it’s also one of my go to. Unfortunately doesn’t last long as I was expecting but it great to wear them something quick.

Frida Kahlo: Okay, I love Frida and finding a makeup collection of her is a miracle (no really I had to be an Indiana¬†Jones just to find one of her lipstick) it’s cruelty-free every single packaging of her is beautiful, eco-friendly, cruelty-free and the price is okay for a drugstore comparing to NYX it’s bit cheaper than NYX but doesn’t last that long but it okay, I love Frida.

Besame Cosmetic: I love, love, love Besame Cosmetic I’m a huge fan of anything vintage, their lipstick is a true replica vintage their shades are amazing, the lipstick bullet is to die for, cruelty-free (not vegan it contain bee wax), pigmented and it does last long right now I’m waiting both for Snow White and Peggy Carson collection this fall!

Last but not least Lime Crime…Love them or hate them but I think their lipsticks are great and they do last long to the point my mom is going to purchase some more around next week (woo!), I think my favorite shades from them is Pumpkin.

What are your favorite lipsticks?

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