Designing for the future trend we need to consider now: how the millennial are shaping the future

It’s no new that we hear that a well known big company declaring themselves bankruptcy because people no longer shop on their store or goes to a fast food. Yes, it’s true millennial prefers going to a thrift store, shopping online, supporting local industry.

Are they changing the economy for the greater good or for the worst?

As a millennial, it’s nothing new hearing about baby boomers complaining that we’re destroying the economy and that we are well….Lazy. Well, I believe it’s false. The economy is changing. I can’t say if it goes bad or good due to the politic that we’re currently living in but we’re creating new small business we can take a small example Sophia Amoroso founder of Nasty Gal she started creating her own small business by selling vintage stuff via eBay and she built her own fashion empire to the point she made one of the best selling books. – Michelle Gil Santini

I asked several people online 10 question and here is one of their respond

Are we changing the economy for the better or for the worst?

I believe that no matter how we’re gonna change it, it might have some kind of backlash either to us or to the future generations, even if we have the best intentions. At this moment, the economy in several countries is pretty much failing and the only way we know for sure if the change would like to apply could make any differences is if we have the support that past generations can give us. Too many of them are afraid of that kind of change that need all the help we can get and if things go differently than what they are now, it could be better.” Gabriela B.

” I think with some of the innovation we are providing to society we are trying our best at improving the economy  with new ideas on the business industry and better handling of our communities (example can be rise of  a lot of new local business and more online business that provide a closer interaction with the client and unique varieties of ways to gives home to families or single people that have low resources) with all these debts problems, budget cuts, etc…” – Monica I.

” More or less cuz it depends if you’rea consumer and prefer buying new things instead of fixing at least all of the old things you have which tends to be easier since it’ not that expensive” – Paola Tio.

For the better because we lean more towards socialism and away from laissez faire capitalism.” – Sara E.

Do you prefer to eat at some fast food like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King etc… or support a small local restaurant?

“I rather support small local restaurant” – Monica I.

“Both. At the moment some local restaurants are pretty expensive because ingredients and employees don’t come cheap as well as the local area you’d have to buy or rent. Fast food comes for people that either wants something quick or can’t afford much else and even if they come from big companies, those are the better options at the moment.” – Gabrielle R.

” Personally, I’m vegan so I prefer to eat at home  mostly but when I have to eat out I prefer smaller less known restaurants because they are most likely to use fresh ingredients and have more options for me.” -BonBon R.

“Small local restaurant” – Erica B.

“Local restaurant for sure” – Sara E.

Shopping online, going to retails store, or thrift store/local boutique?

“Online is better but sometimes I like going into store especially TJMAXX. -Erica B.

 “All of the above. There are lots of things you can’t get locally so online shopping is a great option tbh.” – Gabrielle B

 I pretty much only shop online and thrift or make my own” -BonBon R.

” I shop online and at thrift stores” – Sara E.

In the meantime, online shopping because I haven’t seen a thrift store yet but if I find one I will go to it” – Monica I.

” Sometimes I buy online not that much sense I know if I need something I’ll buy it if not well I don’t” – Paola Tio

Are you studying full time or part time or are you working full time or part time?

“working part time, can’t afford studies” – Gabrielle E.

“I study full time” BonBon R.

“I’m studying full time. I’m not working at the moment.” -Sara E.

“Studying full time and working part time” Monica I.

“Study part time and work full time, it’s easy to stay at home job so it’s not that bad.” – Paola Tio

If you work either full time or part time what is your minimum wage and how does the job treats you?

“I have had a job my highest job was $26.00/hour my lowest was $15/hours.” Erica B.

“Where I work is a family business only so the wage is just $100 a week and I’m treated fine since it’s my family” -Gabrielle E.

“They pay me $7.25 an hour and it treats me well in general.” Monica I.

What is your current opinion about baby boomers?

“Like anyone else, there’s always rude baby boomers and good ones. I just think that it’s a generational thing where people complain about the younger folks and try to ruin things for them but really it’s just envy. I think baby boomers need to sit back and realize that they were like us once and that we’re facing a lot of problems like they did and instead of complaining they should just help since they have a bit more power.” -Gabrielle E.

“To be honest a lot of them are stuck in their ways they will never listen to anyone else opinions so I just never bother trying to argue with them or anything but they sure do like to complain” -BonBon R.

“Baby boomers can be really resilient and hard working people but they are too critical to us. The world’s we both grew up in is completely different.” -Sara E

“They are a little over protective.” Erica B. 

Current political economy opinion?

“I’m sick of it all and I am honestly not as into politics that I should be. I voted and that’s as far as it goes.” -Erica B.

” I am a socialist, I lean communist. I usually vote for Democratic candidates in the US.” – Sara E. 

“Man it just crazy” -BonBon R.

“It’s unsolvable, it just takes the right people to work on it to benefit a better living for the society only for its society.” – Monica I.

” Way too many lazy people wanting to get paid for just looking at the wall when other have a degree and get horribly paid.” – Paola Tio

Do you watch any news like CNN, FOXS NEWS, The young Turks, etc…? 

” Yes, I watch HLN 9.” -Erica B.

“Barely. I read news online.” BonBon R. 

“I read my news. NYT, BBC and Washington post mostly.” – Sara E. 

“I see no news I just know what happens through social media.” – Paola Tio

“Locals news time to time.” -Monica I.
Are we killing the napkin industry? (google it!)

“haha yeah….Uhmm I think we’re.” Erica B.

“Lmao probably.” -Gabrielle E.

“I’m not sure at all why the napkin industry is important, to be honest.” BonBon R.

“Well, it’s important less important to buy cuz literally we just solve it with cleaning our hands after eating and done. I don’t even see napkins that important.” – Paola Tio

“Napkins are unnecessary and bad for the environment. It’s not bad to kill a dumb industry.” -Sara E.

”  First of all, no. Second, we buy both napkins and paper towels. Third, if they want people to buy napkins then make better ones because every time I use one it falls apart too quickly no wonder people are going more for paper towels; and if its not “economical” then make them cheaper or just make more offers like a buy one-get one deal. I think I need a fourth reason to clarify though that it doesn’t have to do with younger people because older people do the same.”  -Monica I.
According to FOXS news, we can’t afford to buy a home because we spend our money on avocado on toast…What is your opinion? Does it taste good?

“I love avocado on toast, but that isn’t the reason. Maybe they should check interest rate on loans to go to school, the increase in tuition.” -Erica B.

“Avocado taste like nothing and how in the world we can buy houses at a young age when we can’t afford to pay 50% on student loans even after graduating or working at several jobs unless we are born from a rich family.” – Gabrielle E.

” I love avocado on toast lmao but I buy all the avocado local and that expensive, to be honest, I blame inflation for not being able to buy a house.” -BonBon R.

“We can’t afford houses because we don’t have a living wage. My state has some of the worst rent in the country. A studio apartment in the city can be $1,000 or more. The houses well over $500,000. You can’t buy a half a million dollar house on a normal wage. Avocados and bread are not that expensive and they’re delicious.” -Sara E.

 “I’ve never eaten avocado, I don’t like toast and Fox news is a really bad joke. They just say that kind of stuff to attract people that get angry easily.” -Monica I.

Thank you for answering my question every each one of you has an amazing opinion and got me a new perspective about the millennial shaping the future. I personally think it’s time to break a cycle on calling each generation lazy and cry baby every new generation will pass the other with new advanced technology, education, environment, economy and so much more. I think the millennial may fix the environment and the education. There is still a long way but I think if every single generation works together there will be a better future.

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