Birthday wishlist

Birthday wishlist

Hello, everyone. Here I’m writing and day dreaming about meeting one of my celebrity crushes and realizing that my birthday is getting closer each passing day. I don’t have nothing to review so I decided why not do a  birthday wishlist? 

I just saw the polyvore Barbie watch and I found it super cute unfortunately I can’t find where to get it but I felt like sharing the image either way

Laduree keychain: I always want one of the Laduree keychain since I find it super cute and I love macaron so hopefully I can find one without paying a crazy price over shipping and authentic.

Karl Lagerfeld Choupette wallet: It’s no news that I’m a huge fan of Karl Lagerfeld especially when it comes to his cat Chaupette so a new wallet would be a nice use whenever I go out.

Copic sketch markers: What is the perfect gift for any special occasion? Copic sketch markers! They’re not cheap so I always appreciate when someone buys me those markers (including the Ciao markers) so for an art student is like seeing a bag of Chanel only a box of those expensive markers. (I used bit too much hyperbole but yes it’s expensive af)

Tarte: I never tried any products from Tartes but everyone is talking about the new Tarte clay/gold mask so I will definitively have to try it since I’m obsessed taking care of my skin.

Lisa Franks angle brush: Yooooo I grew up with Lisa Franks so definitively on my top list I’m still waiting for restock and new release from Lisa Franks so once I get this bad boys I will be one happy bad girl.

Kat Von D Saint perfume: I’m looking for a new perfume that has to be cruelty-free and once Kat Von D released the perfume I just know I have to have it since I have this feeling it will be a match in heaven once I get the saint one.

I don’t feel like getting too much stuff for my birthday it’s not that I’m not looking forward but with so much stuff going around I haven’t thought about a lot of things but I do hope I get some birthday gift.

 Karl Lagerfeld pattern wallet
 $140 –

Blush makeup brush

Tarte face mask

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