UD Jean-Michel Basquiat mini haul

Hello, everyone!!! I finally got a break to write my first mini haul of one my favorite neo-expressionist artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Urban Decay launched a collection of a New York artist from the 80’s (yes during the time when Andy Warhol was everywhere) and his name is Jean-Michel Basquiat or also know as Basquiat.
This is the first time that I actually purchase one of their makeup (aside from the eyeshadow primer) since they caught my attention about the collection of Basquiat because I’m quite a fan of him.

The boxes of the both eyeshadows and the blush, bronzer & highlighter are beautiful I really like how they kept the original artwork into the collection and the best is it made of canvas so kudos for UD!

I find this quite original that you can hang them on the wall and have your mini collection of Basquiat artwork which I will totally hang them once I finish using them so yes I squealed when I found out that I can hang them on my wall.

In both of the eyeshadow palette and the blush (and I think the vault too?) have a brief summary on who is Basquiat and what was well know. It’s quite nice touchy detail so many people learn bit of him.


The first product that caught my attention first is Tenant due to the colors that are super pigmented and fun to play around and I have used the UD Basquiat brush but from another pallet, it called laziness because I don’t want to clean every single eyeshadow brush I like to use little brushes so I don’t have to spend every single night cleaning them…

My most favorite eyeshadow color from this palette is 1960 I love the pink eyeshadow it may have a bit of shimmer but that doesn’t bother me. Also, very little fallout that a big plus for me.

Super pigmented easy to blend with and same goes taking it off except untitled that have to swipe few times till it completely gone kinda like Lime Crime Venus palette that the pigmentation stays on the skin.

Gold Griot

This one is definitely the one that I’m using the most since it an everyday look that I can use it open differently unlike the other traditional eyeshadows palettes that I’ve seen before, I love every single color but I will mention more down below.

The double duo UD Basquiat eyeshadow feels like I’m using a paint brush it’s super smooth easy to blend and to clean. Whenever I use the brush I see almost no fallout all the colors are beautiful some of isn’t that pigmented on my case.

You can’t rarely see enigma perhaps due my skin color and levitation because it matches my skin color I tried to swatch it on my hand many time on both and I rarely got the result. Not for sale, sucker punch and crown are by far my favorite from the Gold griot palette.


I was in doubt on buying the blush palette but here it’s because it’s a limit edition collection plus it was on sale around $20 or so at Sephora same goes for both eyeshadow palette. I only use three of them and that is x-rated, now’s the time and jawbone. Noho is too dark for me unfortunately

I went wow when I used the highlighter super pigmented same goes with x-rated gotta blend so it doesn’t look like a clown that the only things that pop in my mind.

I love the Urban Decay Basquiat collection I’m super happy that they use all his reference in every single color and they kept all his signature I do hope that they will do other collection from other artists. I wish I could buy the three lipstick and the eyeliner but unfortunately, it’s sold in every single cosmetic store that I know.

I will rate all the products 5 out 5.

As a history lover especially on the art area, I’m super happy with this.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

8 thoughts on “UD Jean-Michel Basquiat mini haul

  1. UD stole my heart especially with the Basquiat collection and if they ever do another one I will be giving them my money without bothering reading the reviews xo-Michelle


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