Dear 16 year old me

Dear 16 year old me. I’m probably cringing quite a lot writing to you….

I know you hate high school and you just want to get out and live a fabulous cliche life dating Zacky Vengeance, Gerard Way, Jared Leto, Davey Havok or Jade Puget (that a short list not gonna make a long one we both know how much it will take putting everyone name) going to taste of chaos, wrapper tour which I still can not pronounce.

Let me tell you something I know you are dealing lot of shitty things right now and you feel the world is against you and you just want to blast I’m not okay (I promise) by our favorite band My Chemical Romance or Welcome to my life by Simple Plan or just odd one by Sick Puppies, well good things will get better slowly there are moment that you will have the greatest time of your life till something bad happens. Shit happens, okay? I haven’t figured out why but I think it a lesson that we need to learn every day in order to survive now you are asking yourself what I’m doing at the age of 21? Well, you FINALLY get your driver license, you enter to an art school, you get your first internship can speak at least 3 languages and understand 5 of them. Cool, right?
There are things that will send you like some sort of harsh reality that I still don’t know how to explain but you will make it thru.
Good news! You will graduate and almost a student honor and everyone end up surprised that you are one of the tops also you will get the art medal like finally! Surprisingly also Spanish but let move on…During one of your high school years you will end up playing a sport (surprise, surprise) and it called Roller Derby your team will help you a lot on so many things including school and your confidence will level up.
Since I’m skipping a lot of things I’m gonna write both good and bad thing that will happen to you.
The good thing you will meet this girl name, Ashley and let just say she loves MCR you both have lot things in common and like to make fun of Luciano. (if you’re wondering we’re still friend including Luciano)
You will meet three badass teachers and guess what? They love Joy Division, Queens of the stone age, Nirvana, Bikini Kill aaaand they are your French and art teacher also one of them is a friend of your cousin and they all know who is also you like to sass one of your teachers….Not the first time that you sass one but you got a soft spot for that particular person who sass you back. By the way emo you, you finally get to see H.I.M Ville Valo is still as handsome as always with your friend Luisito and you get to see The Misfits and you get a high five from Jerry Only.Now some few shitty part is that your favorite band like The Bravery, My Chemical Romance, Kill Hannah and HIM split up like right thru your emo heart.
You will loose someone who is like a friend to you in a few years and I don’t mean one but several….You may loose some from suicide, different belief/opinion and other for an unknown reason but that, okay you will make it thru.
Now you are still alive and that is good. Just hold on good things will happen soon…

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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