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Hello, everyone, Happy Memorial day.

Last night I’ve read an article on Cosmopolitan.com about an influencer talking that “there is no room for bloggers”. To tell you the truth there is plenty of room for bloggers, thanks to the bloggers who talks different topic from everything you can imagine people will trust the blogger words. A blogger can talk about a new makeup product they will give you the opinion if it worth the money or not, a blogger can give you fashion tips and idea and you may be inspired by it, a blogger can even talk about even health style stuff so you can get some idea of it…There is always and forever be a room for a new blogger and we will always welcome a new member.

The reason I created broke but flawless aside that the name of my blog is a pun is to kick off my Dysthymia also knows as chronic depression and anxiety thanks to my blog I have learned so many things and one thing is socializing, I know it sounds stupid but not for me I always struggle on socializing including on the internet due my depression and anxiety and thank it I have met lot of lovely bloggers who has helped me grow from myself to my blog.

What is the requirement for making a blog?

That is super easy! One of the few rules are….

-Don’t be an asshole. No, really no one likes asshole be nice and kind to everyone
-Don’t be shy on socializing with other bloggers trust me they will help you a lot on so many things.
– Do things that you love, you may think that no one will bother to read your blog but someone, somewhere will read and they may enjoy it even if it a small audience they will love on what you write.
– Promote your blog, do not be afraid on promoting your blog and your post I know you think it sounds annoying that it really not annoying beside I don’t mind when other bloggers promote their stuff I usually share it, read it, and comment on their post.
– Research! Research! Research! On anything that you are gonna do

There aren’t many rules for blogging at least for me I’m still learning and once you enter the blogging world it actually pretty nice and you get to meet lot of lovely people so if someone says there is no room for bloggers the bloggers community will assure you that there are plenty of room for new content, new bloggers and so much more!

To read the fuss of the article of cosmopolitan click here

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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