Is it worth reading #GIRLBOSS?

Hey, everyone, this is the first time I ever review a book here on my blog so in the future, I will probably re-read this and just cringe.
I know many of you seem on their Instagram, Twitter, your favorite blogger talking about #GirlBoss and probably Facebook too now is it really worth reading the book? It all depend on your taste all I can say I can give a small summary by my own word on what I think about #GirlBoss.

#GirlBoss is about Sophia Amoruso on how she created her e-commerce of Nasty Gal from a hipster anarchist dumpster diving for a free bagel to selling vintage clothes on eBay to a CEO founder of Nasty Gal. Is it a feminist book? so-so she does give empowerment for all the female that you can run a business too and the sky is the limit but it also like a memoir about her life from the very beginning of her childhood, #GirlBoss is not the best-giving business advice that is for sure but does tell you how Nasty Gal was born so you can take some few example there. What I enjoyed about Sophia is that she tell you the truth that we all start at the bottom somewhere like working at Subway and making lot of tuna sandwich and then you switch on working on a boutique all job that you take is learning a new skill and experience and yes including on making a tuna sandwich, getting fired is not the end of the world but be responsible on things in life but don’t take it from granted thing happen life is strange and keep your head up.

I personally enjoyed the #GirlBoss book I may recommend some few people to read the book love her or hate her we have to admire or at least give her the credit that she came to the top from nothing only from hard work despite her ego she manage to acknowledge her ego but remain unapologetic from the men world and showed them that she can run a business too.

I will give this book rating a 4.3 out of 5.

You can get it at amazon and at your local bookstore.

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