Too Faced love light [review]

Hello, everyone Summer is finally here!!!

Lately, I wanted to review Too Faced love light highlighter since I’ve been dying to get on my hand on the Too Faced highlighter due it’s super cute well all Too Faced product are super cute but yeah let get going on this product review.

As always the packaging is always important in order to catch the costumer’s eyes. You can have an amazing product but if your packaging lacks the eye-catching or let just say the lack of design then not many customers would not be interest in your product think about the series of Mad Man on how they talk about advertising products.
Kudo for Too Faced for doing a design that looks cute and fancy!

The highlight design of the Too Faced love light reminds me those Barbie makeup toys that had like a fake powder (sometimes real you know what I mean) it’s simple and brings me back when I was a kid stepping on the Barbie brush by accident while playing with her makeup heart compact. The color is like a rose gold the material is plastic so I recommend you make sure it doesn’t fall or there will be a scratch and damage the product on the inside.

The color that I chose is ray of light it’s a very soft natural pink (for some odd reason the photo look more a pink than what I’m trying to describe) it has a mirror so that cool. The highlighter is very soft from all the highlighter product that I have used this one by far is my favorite since it’s not a dramatic and I think it a perfect every day to use especially for works when you just want to look natural with bit of shimmer
You can get it at Too Faced official site Love light highlighter and at Sephora.

I will give this product a 3.5 out of 5.

Cool for those who love Sailor Moon or any magical girl
Comes with lot of product
Doesn’t come with a smell like some of their TF product.
Need to build up in order to be noticeable

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One thought on “Too Faced love light [review]

  1. I really love how cute the packaging is! The shade of the highlighter is really pretty.. I want to pick up one of Too faced highlighters I really like the look of the white one.. good to know this gives a natural highlight!Ronniewww.veronicabizzarri.comxx


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