Robota Project

Hello, everyone! I’m so excited to talk about a brand that I recently discover on Instagram!

Robota Project sells pin nd rings of the robot with different colors. Each robot has a different personality and name, how cute is that? With your purchase, you are helping them on donating to Greyhound and horse rescues.
I will be mentioning one of my favorite robots that I’m excited to get on my hand on and that is…..



Stardust is definitively one of my favorite robota since she is pink and her name is Stardust it makes me think about Ziggy Stardust from the one and only David Bowie. Stardust like all the Robota have a unique personality on Stardust case loves to have fun being spontaneous and makes a new friend. That is something I can relate aside the two things from Robota that I just mentioned.

All Robota rings size are 4-9 (adjustable) 
Lead and nickel free.
Use code: ROBOTAFRIENDS at the checkout for a $5 off with free stickers.
**Free US shipping**
                                                          ***They now ship worldwide***
To check out more of their product and story go to

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