Besame cosmetic 1930 mascara

Hello, everyone, I’ve been excited to write a review about the replica of the 1930 mascara from Besame Cosmetic.

This is the second time that I purchased from the first time I purchased one of their lipstick you read the review by clicking here.

To recap about what is Besame Cosmetic company is a small company created by Gabriela Hernandez who decided to re-create vintage makeup that our grandma and great-grandmother used to wear back in the day her makeup brand are well known from their infamous 1930 mascara to all different shade of era from different era. It’s a perfect gift to all who love vintage makeup!

I always enjoy when the company sends a thank you note, I personally find it nice and makes want to go back to their store and buy more products from them it’s a great strategy to attract the customer. I purchased the 1930 mascara and the lipstick 1933 merlot  (I will write a review with swatches once I find my 1927 lipstick from them.) due I decided to treat myself after I got an A on a project anyway to cut this short it came less than a week perfectly bubbled wrap and I squealed due I love vintage stuff.

Excuse me for the dirty pic but I’ve been using it for awhile that how much I love this mascara. The mascara comes with a medium/large tin can with a small applicator brush by adding a bit of small drop of water you get the product and honestly from all the mascara that I have purchased this is the best $20 mascara I have purchased (sorry too faced better than sex mascara) from few YouTuber whom I have seen you can also use it for brows and wing liner so for $20 you can use it for 3, 2 or 1 I may purchase the brown mascara in the near future to use it for my eyebrows since the one that I have is pure black so it won’t look good on me unfortunately.

Now for the pro and cons plus rating!
It’s cruelty-free
Easy to use
Doesn’t clump nor smudge
Perfect gift for vintage makeup lover
If you’re running late I would recommend you to use the normal mascara that we all use
Be careful when it comes to adding water
Rating: 5 out of 5 that how good it’s
**It contain bee wax**

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