Kat Von D Lock-it foundation

Hello, everyone! I’ve been pretty busy with the finals only one week till vacation! Anyway, I decided to take my moment and write a short review on the Kat Von D Lock-it foundation.

I always like the Kat Von D packaging since it’s simple and yet catchy, something that I can just tell it’s her brand.

I really like the tube and the design from it but so far I personally don’t really like the foundation since makes me feel too cakey and it smell bit weird. The smell doesn’t bother me much but still feel cakey even tho it does give me the good coverage but it’s the texture too thick. I can’t really recommend for those who have oily skin since again I’m not quite sure if I should recommend this foundation I still prefer too faced born this way foundation since it gives me the natural coverage and doesn’t feel cakey. Perhaps the foundation are for those who have tattoos? Since I’ve heard that Kat Von D Lock-it foundation are pretty good to hide the tattoo, unfortunately, I don’t have any type of tattoo so I can’t really test it out.
Now kudos for Kat I think this is pretty original cap is pretty original you simply take it off and put the amount of the foundation and with only one pump you get the perfect amount to use. Now I will give my pro and con for this foundation.
Full coverage
the price is pretty decent
Smell bit weird
The foundation is too thick for my liking.
Rating: 3.2 out of 5
I definitely won’t purchases this foundation but I will use it till I run out of it.
(Unless Sephora got my too faced foundation with my shade that was sold out so I will be using this in the meantime)

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

2 thoughts on “Kat Von D Lock-it foundation

  1. Too Faced born this way foundation is still on my top list of the best foundation I have tried on if you go to Sephora you can ask for sample and see what is for the best for your skin (I don't if ULTA do the sample since I don't have ULTA). xo


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