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Hello, everyone!!! Summer is almost here and I’ve been super busy lately with my finals that I may write a post in the near future…

Today I will be writing a product that I’ve been trying for weeks and that is The Crème Shop apple moisturizer. I did my research and unfortunately, I couldn’t find the product anywhere else aside from that I purchased at TJ MAXX.

This cute little apple catches my eyes while I was browsing on the beauty aisle from TJ MAXX and my mom and I were quite a sucker when it comes to Korean skin care products the product cost me around $10 which is pretty cheap it gives so much product that just a pinch is good to go.

I really, really love the apple design it’s simple and yet cute don’t know but reminds me one of the tamagotchi characters. The cream is a very pastel pink almost white and it has a very nice soft scent of green apple when you apply to your face it doesn’t smell anything. I  personally apply before I go to sleep since I usually wear tons of makeup and I don’t see the use on wearing during daytime but it does leave a huge difference on my face make it look brighter, healthy and soft.

Unfortunately, I can’t read Korean and a good friend of mine manage to translate some few words it has vitamin A and C…Well that the only thing she could only manage to translate and I searched everywhere what ingredients have aside from the green apple. The product is cruelty-free. I highly recommend this product for those who usually get sun tan due the skin does get dehydrated, those who stay inside all day with those air condition that never turns off kinda like the hospital one. I can’t really say much for those who have oily skin, I personally don’t recommend for those who are acne prone and for those who have dry skin, sensitive, normal then yes I highly recommend to use it.

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