Sailor Moon miracle romance liquid eyeliner + giveaway!

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A few days ago I received a package from Japan and the sender send me a Sailor Moon miracle romance chibi-usa edition. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the sender is but thank you for this lovely gift. It’s no new that I love Sailor Moon and makeup and I’ve been dying to have one of the Sailor Moon miracle romance collection, let get started with this review of the product.

The package is truly beautiful all pastel screaming “moon prism power, makeup!’ and turning into a badass magical girl, I’m very pleased with the package I love every single detail in the package I may not read kanji so I can’t really translate what it says unfortunately but I’m not going to complain because there is nothing to be complaining the important is that the packaging looks nice and that what I like about.

 I tried to take a better picture of the eyeliner design so this one is so far the best I could take as you can see on the left you can see Sailor Moon and Luna and on the right, it says miracle romance in cursive it’s quite catchy and I think it’s pretty original that they put a simple but yet catchy design on the eyeliner and I really love it.

Okay, I really love the heart (cap) it’s gorgeous very detailed makes me feel a magical girl, haha! and you can play around with the rod, put it in your collection. The star is a clear pink-ish thankfully is not delicate so I believe that is impossible to break it off that would be odd.

The tip of the eyeliner makes it easier to do the eyeliner it’s much thinner than the Kat Von D ink liner (I wrote a review of Kat Von D tattoo liner click here) the Sailor Moon miracle romance eyeliner is pretty easy to glide on it doesn’t smudge but if you make a simple mistake on the eyeliner it would be a bit hard to take it off so be careful on it but overall with a good pulse you can do the cat liner.

upper is the Sailor Moon eyeliner and below is the Kat Von D ink liner
Like all liquid eyeliner it’s black I do hope it have more option and I thought that the Chibiusa would be pink since she is a very pink-ish girl but I’m not even mad about it but I really hope that they make more different colours on all the Sailor Moon liquid eyeliner even tho they have release Sailor Mars and Mercury eyeliner but unfortunately I can’t find it since I heard that they have red and blue and I really want to buy one and if they have Sailor Jupiter who is one of my favorite characters from the Sailor Scouts I would be sold because I love her.
A bad selfie

I love how it stay a true black doesn’t smudge as I mention before I do see myself collecting more of them somewhere in the future and I do hope they release more Sailor Scouts eyeliner representing each of their themes.

Special announcement!

I’m doing a collaboration with The Den of the Faeries and we will be giving away and three lucky winners will get….
First place: Sailor Moon miracle romance liquid eyeliner chibiusa.
Second place: will win one magical floral wand of their choice and a starry bottle of the color of their choice with the charm of their choice.
Third place: will win a starry bottle of the colour of their choice and with the charm of their choice.
This giveaway will end once we both reach 500 followers both on Instagram.

To read the rule from the giveaway go and follow:
Ladamedechat and thedenofthefaeries
The Den of the Faeries Etsy Store: TheDenofthefaeries

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