Lisa Frank makeup collection collaboration

Rejoice 80’s and 90’s kids Lisa Frank officially announce on Facebook February 16, 2017, a collaboration with glamour dolls make up those who remember Lisa Franks many girls and boys had a lot of Lisa Franks stationary, school supplies, monthly magazine and so much more (rainbow, rainbow and rainbow everywhere!). We all dreamed about going to Lisa Headquarter and some of us wishing to work for the company (I’m looking at you, 6-year-old Michelle). Since for the first time ever Lisa Frank is making the very first collaboration with a small independent cruelty free makeup company and that is Glamour Dolls Makeup right now they’re doing a pre-sale on a blush brush of Lisa Frank for only $5 this is a dream come true for all those who grew up with Lisa Frank. I’m looking forward to the makeup line to be release and if you’re asking me what I’m hoping for? I will have to say a rainbow highlighter since Lisa Franks is all about cute animals, adorable cartoon girls, candy, and rainbow everywhere so I do hope that they create a rainbow highlighter so we have to wait for their release.
To help the campaign go to their kick starter by clicking here and if you want to see Kandee Johnson a well know beauty guru YouTuber check out her video by clicking here.

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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a beauty blogger and a college student.

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