Lime Crime metallic liquid lipstick: Vibe

Hello everyone so sorry that I wasn’t been active for a month or so…Been busy with college lately but anyway I decided to review one of the Lime Crime product that had been on my eyes lately and that is their metallic liquid lipstick. I’m all for matte kinda old school but I decided to step up bit from my comfort zone and try something new. One of the reason I decided to buy one of their metallic liquid lipstick it was I want a metallic where I can wear with anything and nothing too crazy.
I got vibe because the color reminds me of Barbie. I’m quite pleased with the color and of course their costumer services I got it with their champagne rose velvetine and as a promise I will review it soon (since I gave it to my mom as a Christmas present).

I think I found my perfect pink is not nude, doesn’t have a purple tone nor red and it just perfect I don’t know how to describe it but I think from my small pink lipstick collection this is the perfect one (sorry Marc Jacob!) I’m really pleased with this product as always Lime Crime lipstick products have a nice birthday vanilla frosty smell, last long, doesn’t smudge it have a very nice metallic nothing too dramatic I just love it.

old selfie wearing vibe from lime crime

I personally find this metallic quite wearable and I can wear them around daylight whether is just going to class, work, grocery shopping or just shopping in general but I don’t find it using around night time. I may buy more metallic liquid lipstick from lime crime since it did not disappointed me.

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